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“Predators or Prey?” film adaptation funding sought.

Every since the first Wendy Markland novel, “Predators or Prey?”, was released by Dark Castle Lords Publications in its original e-book edition in 2008, there has been interest in adapting it as a film, TV series or web-series –

Different people have wanted to do different things with it. Sadly, to date, they’ve all fallen through.

Currently, an independent producer who wants to make a film adaptation of “Predators or Prey?” is estimating a $3 million budget to do the project. An actor who wants to be involved says that, if the producer and/or I can come up with the first 500K then he, the actor, should be able to get hold of the remaining $2.5 million for this project.

Scott Harper

TV pilot producer/distributor still needed.

I am still searching for a producer/distributor for “MoonWraith”. This project is the pilot episode for a character-drive action/horror TV series. “MoonWraith” is set in Medieval Europe against the backdrop of a war between humans and werewolves. The stories I have planned are character-centric, delving into life on both sides of the war – human and werewolf.

At present, I have 42 people, a couple of whom are fairly well-known names, who want to be part of this project as cast or crew. I have a complete pilot script, which is registered with the Writer’s Guild, and a partial series bible to accompany it.

Scott Harper

Paranormal Romance Guild

As of today, I have been approved as a member of the Paranormal Romance Guild. This is due-in large part-to my Wendy Markland novels.

Scott Harper

Sponsors Needed

I am seeking sponsors in order to continue forwarding my writing career – airfare, hotel and ground transportation as required for certain projects, marketing, advertising, project funding, etc. For long-term/permanent writing jobs, I would be willing to relocate if needed. Sponsors will receive world-wide recognition and credit.

Scott Harper

“Warder” Submitted to Dark Horse Comics

In March of 2011 I contacted Dark Horse Comics about my own-going fantasy comic book property called “Warder”. Four days ago, Dark Horse e-mailed, asking to see the material. The submissions package just went out in today’s mail. Please wish me luck!

Scott Harper

“Necromancer” Reader Comments

Two new reader comments/reviews for “Necromancer”, the second Wendy Markland novel:

“Great descriptions and your pace keeps the reader enthralled”.

“Growing up in Canada ice skating was part of my everyday life. As I read your book I found your words a smooth glide on pristine ice.”

The book can be found, among other places, on Kindle:

Scott Harper

ANTI-SOCIAL Networking?

Is Facebook trying to become an ANTI-SOCIAL network?

When I visited Facebook this morning, the site kept kicking me out. After logging back in three or four times, I was routed to a page warning me about friend requests. It seems someone I’d recently sent a friend request to – I wasn’t told who, of course – has reported me for sending a friend request to someone I didn’t already know personally. Facebook basically warned me that if I “continue to do so” I “may be blocked” from sending any friend requests at all.

My main reason for using Facebook is to network and stay in closer touch with my fans. Now, it seems that if I run across someone with common interests, say a comic book store, I’m unable to send them a friend request until I’ve travelled, in person, hundreds of miles and gone into the store and introduced myself to the owners of that shop in person. Only that way will I truly be able to tell Facebook that, yes indeed, I do know that person personally.

This is one of the many reasons why I delayed joining Facebook for so long. I actually preferred MySpace’s “lawless frontier” feel to the overly-moderated, Big-Brother-is-always-watching feel of Facebook. Sadly, MySpace now seems to want to be Facebook, too, and MySpace has made changes there that have turned that site into a slow-running mess. What happened to the days when social networks were actually fun and enjoyable? Now, they seem, to me at least, to be more frustrations and headaches.

I WANT connections on these sites. As I said, I use these sites to network. If anyone wants to connect with me, be it on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., please send me a request. It’s very rare – almost unheard of – for me to deny a connect request on any social networking site. If Facebook, or any other site, asks if you know me personally, please say “yes” and send me the request. I want to USE the social part of “social networking”. These sites allow me closer connections with my fans. As a writer, I both want and need that.

My work and the paranormal

As I’m sure you all know by now, I’m a writer. I work in several mediums – short stories, novels, comic books and TV/film. I’ve even written text for several websites. But, most of my work is fiction. Two things I get asked a lot is where my ideas come from and why I devote so much time to monsters and faeries.

There are things out there that we either don’t know about at all, or, if we are aware of them, we know almost nothing about. Many people dismiss these things as fiction and folklore. However, there are decades, if not centuries, of sightings and eyewitness accounts of some of these things. That fascinates me. Most especially when there’s some sort of plausible scientific explanation to explain how such thing could truly be.

While writing the Wendy Markland novels, or my latest novel, “Shadow Castes: Book 1 – Aspects”, and dealing with vampires, lycanthropes and such beings, I’ve often tried to ground those creatures in reality as much as I could. Often, that grounding has come in the form of magick as viewed as being another form of physics. But magick is nothing more than the manipulation of energy; it is a form of physics. When looked at that way, it makes it even more plausible that ghosts, faeries and such could be real.

While writing my first two novels, “Winter’s Rite” and “Well Wishes”, I excluded humans from that world altogether. Every character in those books is a faerie being of some kind. In “Well Wishes”, I used a dwarf, but the character is the magickal faerie being version of a dwarf. That’s as close to humanity as I want to get in those books. I have fun dealing with an exclusive non-human cast in those. The faerie beings in them are drawn from various folklore and mythologies around the world. Most of them that I used are Celtic, but not all are. And, again, we have centuries of reports and sightings of these beings.

Why do people report – for hundreds of years! – such beings as faeries, werewolves, ghosts, lake monsters, vampires, etc. if there’s nothing out there? To me, personally, the sheer number of the accounts, going so far back into human history, says that people have seen, and are seeing, something out there. As I said before, I find that fascinating. Being a writer, I write about what interests me. So, I tend to devote a lot of time to such topics.

True, Wendy Markland is out there hunting and killing zombies and vampires; she’s the focus of those books, not the monsters. But every story needs an element for the readers to identify with. It’s easy for readers to relate to Wendy – a woman who encountered things she never believed to be real, who has had her entire life and belief system shaken to the core and needed to reshape her way of thinking. – because she’s human. It wouldn’t be as easy for readers to identify with a vampire character with zero humanity left and is only looking to feed and make other vampires.

On a side note about that… I’m often asked by people, before they read one of my Wendy Markland novels, what “take” I use on the vampires in those books. My vampires are based on the creatures of ancient myth and lore. They’re the hungry undead. The vampires in the Wendy Markland books are demon-possessed corpses, seeing humans as food and a way to make more vampires.

In an effort to, hopefully, make others aware of the rich history of sightings and documentation regarding some of these beings, I spent a little time looking for some relevant websites. As of the time of this writing – 01/03/2012 – all of these sites are up and running. I have no connection to, or claim to, any of these sites or the content on any of them, aside from my own website.







 Scott Harper

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