My Book – Fun Facts Round #2

“Winter’s Rite” – – was first planned with a different title and to be set in the modern day Gulf ofMexico, pitting merfolk against humans.

“Well Wishes” – – was originally my second self-published novel.

“Gauntlet” – – was inspired by a scene from the film “Batman Forever”.

“Predators or Prey?” – – was the first Wendy Markland novel and not originally meant as Book 1 of a series.

“Necromancer” – – was the second Wendy Markland novel.

“Vindicated” –– was challenging due to my need to create vampires different from those seen in the series’ first book.

The bonus story “Remnants”, included in the print edition of “Predators or Prey?” – – is Wendy Markland’s first encounter with a ghost.

The “Shadow Castes” trilogy, which begins with “Shadow Castes: Book 1 – Aspects” – – began as ideas for two separate books.

“Quintana Roo,Yucatan” – Forthcoming – is one of my rare non-paranormal projects.

Scott Harper

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