Why do I talk to adult models on-line?

People sometimes take offense – to varying degrees – of the fact that I’m connected with a (growing) number of adult film actresses and adult models by way of social networking sites. I’m asked semi-regularly why I maintain and cultivate those connections.

Stereotypes exist for reasons, yes. But please dismiss the idea of adult models and adult actresses being dimwitted airheads. Most are quite decidedly not. Most of the ladies in that business are very intelligent. Many of them are also avid readers. I’m an author. Are you getting the picture now?

Beyond that, many of the ladies involved in the adult industry are very willing to talk to people publically by way of social networking sites – especially, Twitter. Some of these ladies have thousands, or, sometimes TENS OF THOUSANDS of Twitter Followers….

These ladies spend a lot of time in airports, waiting for flights, on their way from one film or photo shoot to another, or on their way back home after a gig. To pass the time, they will often use their Smartphones to catch up on Twitter. Usually, they post an update to the effect of “I’m currently in such-and-such airport on my way to such-and-such place.” My normal response to these Tweets is to reply with something along the lines of “Have a safe flight” or “Best of luck with the new gig”.

I truly do wish them well; that’s not just a hollow line to give me an excuse to comminute with them. I have a girlfriend (paranormal romance author Desirée Lee) and I am 100%, completely, utterly, undeniably, now and forever in love with her. Desirée is gorgeous to me on every level and I am attracted to her on every level. I have no need or desire – none whatsoever! – to strike up conversations with adult actresses and models for the simple reason that most men will do so: to be talking to a beautiful woman who removes her clothing frequently.

Quite often, my reply Tweets to these ladies will draw a response. They’ll take a few moments to Tweet back to me, saying thank you for my comment to them or to make some other friendly reply.

Know what just happened each and every time they do? Yep; they just told ALL of their avid Followers about me. For free. Where else can you get that kind of advertising and at the cost of a single Tweet?

What’s more, these ladies travel. A lot. They also know LOTS of people and not only in the adult entertainment industry. People network and talk. People remember names; especially the names of people who are polite and nice to them. There are a couple of adult film actresses who, though I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting face-to-face, I already feel as if I could nearly call them “friend”. One of these ladies, with whom I’ve sadly lost contact when she quit that business, had actually come to me with the suggestion – which I took her up on at the time – of exchanging traffic on MySpace. Yes, for a few months, an adult actress was using her MySpace page, in part, to advertise my work. And I was doing the same in return for her.

That’s why I like to connect with adult actresses and models via social networking sites. Most of those ladies are intelligent and treat people well who treat them well. In all honesty, many of the adult entertainers I’ve had the pleasure of exchanging social networking messages with have been more of a pleasure to deal with than a good number of “normal” people.

To those of you who continue to be offended because of my public connections with a number of adult models and adult actresses: everyone is entitled to their own opinions. But your disapproval isn’t about to change anything. There is only one person who could and that is my girlfriend. If Desirée ever objects to my social networking connections with those ladies, then I would, of course, sever those connections ASAP. However, she understands the reasoning behind my connections with them and knows that they are, at best, casual on-line friends whom I will probably never meet face-to-face. Desirée also knows that I am completely, utterly, wholly, absolutely true and loyal to her. If she has no reason to take offense to my association with people in the adult entertainment industry, then why does anyone else?



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