“MoonWraith” Update

As yet, I have been unable to draw a producer/distributor to the “MoonWraith” TV project. This is despite having around 40 people interested in being cast or crew for the pilot episode.

Because of this continued lack of a producer/distributor, Desirée and I are in the process of adapting “MoonWraith” as a web-comic. Our plan is to do this with 3D CGI artwork of our own creation. At the moment, Issue #1 is written and the panels for the first few pages have been created. Once each panel for each page has been created, comic book software will be used to piece the panels together, creating individual pages. Those pages will then be lettered.

Currently, we plan to post one, maybe two, pages of the web-comic on-line each week. We want Issue #1 finished before we begin posting pages. Desirée and I are both extremely busy with other projects and getting more so all the time. We want to have the cushion of having an entire issue ready to go before we begin posting simply to make things more convenient for us.

Eventually, we want to look into publishing “MoonWraith” web-comic story collections in trade format. We might explore other merchandising options, also, if we think the fan base for this project would support such things. Anyone interested in a plush werewolf?

Scott Harper


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