“Cereal Stalker” Part 1

“Cereal Stalker” Part 1


Scott Harper

My name is Chance Bainbridge. I’m an unusual man with an unusual problem. Most people would probably quibble over the term “problem”. Most people would probably be more apt to use the label “super power”.

Me? I call it a curse.

Just what is this power you ask? Can I fly? Do I have super strength? Can I shoot lasers out of my eyes? Can I communicate with aquatic wildlife? Do I have some kind of extra terrestrial ring that creates anything I imagine?

Sadly, the answer to all of the above is a resounding no. So, what can I do?

I temporarily absorb abilities from the themes of breakfast cereals.

That’s it; go ahead and laugh.

To clarify… Until I eat cereal, I’m just a normal guy. I’m 37-years-old and 6-feet-tall. My hair is dark brown and short. Long hair looks cooler, but short hair is far more practical; and with the messes I get into because of my curse, practicality is an issue. Let me eat certain cereals, though, and I change.

Again, let me clarify.

Some cereals don’t affect me. The dull, bland boring stuff—fiber that tastes like the box it’s packaged in, plain rolled oats, etc.—I can eat and remain myself. That’s because there’s no specific imaginative theme associated with these products. I say again—they’re dull, bland, boring stuff.

On the other hand, give me a bowl of Space Flakes and for the next few hours I’ll know how to pilot a spaceship, disassemble, clean and reassemble a blaster pistol, speak dozens of alien languages and take on dozens more alien races in hand-to-hand combat.

Why? Imagination and magick. Notice that I spelled magick with a “k” at the end. That’s the key.

“Magic” is slight of hand. It’s smoke and mirrors. It’s illusion. It’s fake.

“Magick” is the manipulation of energy to achieve a goal. Imagination—the same type that fires a child’s mind and makes them pretend to fight an extra terrestrial monster after having Space Flakes for breakfast, or causes them to pretend to be a pirate captain after a bowl of Ahoy! O’s—is integral to magick.

That’s how my power works. The more the young imaginations of children are captured by any given cereal, the more energy the spell that allows my power to work can tap into—which translates into better odds of me getting out of any mess I happen to find myself in at a given time.

Yes, I said “spell”—as in a spell cast by magick, not “How do you spell this word?”

How did this problem/super power come to be bestowed upon me you ask? To be brief…


To Be Continued…

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