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“Quagmire Fen”

The same publisher who has picked up my newest novel, “Quintana Roo, Yucatan”, has also picked up my new novella, “Quagmire Fen”. No, releasing two “Q”-titles so close together was not intentional.

Scott Harper

Care to help us?

Desirée Lee and I have a wedding to pay for in a few months. Want to help us do that? Buy a book! 🙂

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This Week on “Wake up Muse!”

Readers – please drop by “Wake up Muse!” and enjoy this week’s sample of flash fiction.

Authors – this week’s writing prompt is up; new submissions are open.

“Wake up Muse!” –

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Coming Soon

Edits are back for the first two installments of the serial story I’ve promised fans I’ll be posting here. Look for Part 1 very soon.

Scott Harper

Two more URLs

Here are a couple of URLs I forgot to include in the recently shared list:

My Storenvy Page:

Author Promotions of New Port Richey:

Scott Harper

Who are you?

For a while now, a couple of story ideas have been bouncing around in my mind. Yesterday, elements of those and other ideas began to merge. This joining is combining into something which I think will be great.

However, the main character has not yet introduced himself to me. He’s lurking just outside my awareness. He’s revealing information about himself in bits and pieces. He seems like a fascinating individual and I can’t wait to actually meet him.

So, mysterious character haunting the periphery of my consciousness, I must ask – who are you?

Scott Harper


I just posted this in a writer’s event group, but wanted to share it here, too. This will, hopefully, help anyone who is interested in getting to know me and my work a bit better.

Brief Bio: Scott Harper is the author of more than 30 published short stories and several novels. There has been talk, from several fronts, about turning his fourth novel, “Predators or Prey?”, the first book in his Wendy Markland series, into a live-action project.

Harper graduated from Marysville High School in 1993 and began screenwriting in 2007, after the publication of several short stories and novels, and has worked on projects for James Tucker Productions and 11th Dimension Films. He is currently involved with several projects, covering literature, film and comic books.


Facebook Fan Page:

Facebook Profile:


Amazon Author Page:


“Wake up Muse!” is a project by myself and my fiancée, author Desirée Lee ( Every week we offer a free flash fiction story and giveaways for people who comment on the stories. A writing prompt is posted weekly to give authors a chance to wake up their own Muses! Please see the About page for submission requirements. Leave a comment on one of the stories to be entered into the giveaway. New posts come up every Monday. Sci-fi fans, you won’t want to miss the new story coming up tomorrow!

Also please show some love to these companies who have helped further my career as an author. Check out their books/services while you’re at it!


Dark Castle Lords Publications. I currently have seven books available through them:


Yesterday and today both have been spent, in large part, answering questions for two different author interviews. For the first, I haven’t been given any sort of expected time when the interview will be on-line. The second, I’m told, will be on-line this coming November.

If anyone reading this runs any sort of author blog, website or publication that prints author interviews and would be interested in interviewing me, please contact me. I’m always happy to answer questions.

Scott Harper

New review for “Necromancer”

A new review for “Necromancer”, the second book of my Wendy Markland series:

Scott Harper

This Week on “Wake up Muse!”

We have TWO new FREE stories up on “Wake up Muse!” today. Plus, a giveaway. Check out the stories, support our wonderful authors who make it happen!

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