“Cereal Stalker” Part 3

Cereal Stalker: Part 3


Scott Harper



While still chewing a mouthful of whole-grain fish shapes, I dove off the dock. Hands over my head, I slid into the water as quietly as possible.

As I explained before, my ability allows me to tap into the mass of imaginative energy that young children invest in colorful breakfast cereals. The one I had been eating—still was eating, technically—inspired children to pretend to be fish. I reached out and drew part of that magickal energy of imagination into me.

Arms now at my sides, legs together, I kicked my pretend tail. It propelled me through the water a few dozen yards out, away from the dock. I wanted to be clear of there for a brief time. If any of the gunmen heard me go into the water they’d be looking for the source of the noise. If they saw me, I had a sneaky suspicion they’d open fire without asking any more questions.

Why go to all that trouble, you ask? Why risk my life, you wonder? Simple—the men on the docks were thieves. They were hired by an unscrupulous new cereal company that specialized in children’s cereals. But every product they made was a blatant, low-grade rip-off of popular brands—brands I not only enjoyed, despite being an adult, but drew my powers from, too. This new company had been hiring people to steal shipments of the big brands’ products for weeks now. This left less of their competitor’s stock, and more of their own on store shelves. They were making money hand over the proverbial fist, while the other companies lost revenue daily.

The authorities tried to catch the crew of thieves, but had been unable to. I guessed that the offending cereal company had high-ranking members of the authorities in their pockets, so to speak. Either these bribed officials were leaking information to the cereal company, or else they were deliberately causing stings to go awry. Maybe they did both. Regardless, I couldn’t let it continue. If the popularity of certain children’s cereals waned, so would the power of imagination that amassed around that product. As my ability tapped into that, my own power would weaken. That would eventually lead to me either not being able to function in my adopted job or, maybe, having my power to cut out at the worst possible time. Such as just then, while swimming around all fish-like. What would happen if the power I tapped into to accomplish that vanished without warning?

I didn’t want to think too hard about it right then and angled back toward the docks. It was time to get serious and take these guys down.


To Be Continued…

  1. I’ve always suspected fishy goings-on in the world of children’s cereal. Love this!

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