My cell phone number is still the same as it was when I lived in Florida. However, I now live in a valley, surrounded by mountains. The scenery is fantastic, but my cell phone no longer works from home – no reception for it here; the mountains block that. Soon as I go somewhere out of town and get out of the valley, I have reception and can get my voice mail.

A few days ago, soon as I was out of the valley, my phone alerted me to a voice message. It was already 5-days-old. It was about  freelance writing job. I called back, had to leave a message, and left a different contact phone number. So far, they’ve not called back.

If you need to contact me about work, the best thing you can do right now is to either send me an e-mail. Until I get a new cell phone I won’t be getting calls on my phone at home and, odds are I won’t get your voice mail until a few days after you leave it.

Scott Harper

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