“Cereal Stalker” Part 5

Cereal Stalker: Part 5


Scott Harper

The gunman I’d knocked into the water struggled to climb back onto the wooden planks. His efforts splashed water everywhere. The other three stood in a puddle created by their friend’s recklessness, plus the water I’d used to remove the first man from the action for a few moments.

Yeah, one man soaked to the skin and still mostly in water, and the other three stood in a puddle. There I was, channeling the abilities of several kinds of fish.

Eels are fish. More to the point, electric eels are fish, though they’re not true eels. They also have crunchy whole-grain representations in the cereal I had consumed just prior to the action starting.

Electric eels can discharge roughly 600 volts of electricity. I reached out, placed the palm of my right hand in the puddle connecting all four of the bad guys and let loose with the full amount.

Current crackled from me—powered by my magickal curse, taken from the magick of the children’s imagination that massed behind the fun of the cereal I’d eaten. It lashed out, zapping all four of the thieves. The three who stood firmly on the dock jittered a bit, and then collapsed. The one who hung to the edge of the planks screamed before being thrown backward. He landed in the water and started to sink.

I sighed, stood and leaped in after him.

Channeling the swimming ability of fish, I caught up to him in a moment, and grabbed him. Letting the jumping abilities of the great white shark course through me once more, I leaped from the water, back onto the dock. I dropped the guy unceremoniously beside his friends.

Sirens wailed just at the edge of my hearing, growing louder by the second. I could detect police cars and an ambulance both.

Working fast, I removed the belts of each of the four unconscious men. Using the belts, I secured their hands behind their backs. It wouldn’t hold them long after they awoke, but the police would be there well before they regained their senses and got free.

I opted for the quick escape. Turning to one side, I dove back into the water and channeled the fish again, swimming away.

By the next day the news hit the papers. All four gunmen were in jail, each having turned on each other, and the upstart cereal manufacturer who had hired them. The new cereal company had already declared bankruptcy in light of the lawsuits mounting against them by the corporations they had hurt with their scheme.

More importantly for me, the popular children’s breakfast cereals, and the massive amounts of youthful imagination they inspired, were safe. That meant I could keep using my curse—I still have a difficult time thinking of it in any other terms—to help people.

What’s next for me—Chance Bainbridge, the man who derives superpowers from children’s breakfast cereals? If you’re really interested just say so, and I might tell you another tale.

The End?

Scott Harper


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