Ideas & Thank You

Although I’ve not yet had the pleasure of reading the “Redwall” series of novels by Brian Jacques—something I certainly want and plan to do—I just watched the pilot episode of the “Redwall” animated series on Netflix while having breakfast. I had found the series on Netflix a while back, added it to the instant queue, and then, busy as Desirée and I have been lately, forgotten about it. I rediscovered it on the instant queue yesterday evening.


Watching the pilot episode a few minutes ago sparked a couple of story ideas in me. Those ideas almost immediately intertwined with ideas for a fantasy novel that I’ve been playing with for over a year. I feel the stirrings of a new epic fantasy novel coming on…


If and when I begin work on it, it’ll be nice to get back to that genre. Of the 30+ short stories I’ve had published, most of them were fantasy. My first two novels—”Winter’s Rite”, and “Well Wishes”—were fantasy. My most recent release, “Quagmire Fen”, my first novella, is fantasy of a vastly different tone and feel. It was more of a modern day urban fantasy. I enjoy working in the fantasy genre. It’ll feel good to get back to it with a new project. Creating the world that’s forming in my mind for this new novel will be a lot of work, but, ultimately worth it, I think. My hope is that all of you think so, too. Authors can’t do what we do without you—the fans.


Which brings me to an excellent time to say thank to all of my readers and fans. You’re all wonderful. I thank you all for the support of my myriad projects. Please keep checking back for news and updates on those. Big things are in the works. Hopefully, I can legally—nondisclosure agreements can be a pain!—start spilling some beans very soon.


Scott Harper

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