Word of Mouth

Desirée and I are often asked by fans what they can do to help promote our work. Because this is such a common question, I wanted to cover it in a blog post.

The answer to the question is very simple—word of mouth. If you’d like to help promote our work—or the work of any other authors for that matter—simply talk to people about it. Family. Friends. Co-workers. People on the street with whom you strike up a conversation. Anyone you can tell; the more the better.

Social networks provide an excellent method for doing this, too. Post social updates such as, “I’m currently reading “Within These Stone Walls” by Desirée Lee”. What are you reading?” Or Tweet something like, “Just read “Quintana Roo, Yucatan” by Scott Harper. I loved that book, and hope he writes a sequel!”

Both Desirée and myself are on Facebook and Twitter. Like our fan pages on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter. Click the “Like” button on Facebook posts, and share those posts to your own Timelines. Favorite our Tweets, and reTweet them so your own Followers can see them.

Just by doing those few simple things, you can do a huge, huge amount to help spread the word about our work. Want to help promote your favorite authors? That’s a 100% free, simple way. Odds are you’re already doing those things for one or two big-name celebrities. Please take a couple of moments from your busy day to include us in that, too.

To find Desirée and I on Facebook:

Desirée Lee—www.facebook.com/authordeslee

Scott Harper—www.facebook.com/ScottHarperAuthor

To find Desirée and I on Twitter:

Desirée Lee—www.twitter.com/authordeslee

Scott Harper—www.twitter.com/Scott_Harper

Our thanks to all of you who are willing to take these quick, easy steps to help spread the word about us. For those of you who discovered this blog post without knowing who Desirée and I are, we are both bestselling, critically-acclaimed paranormal authors. Feel free to explore my site to learn more about me. To learn more about Desirée, visit her at www.desireelee.com.

Again, our thanks to you all. Desirée and I are both appreciative beyond words of our fans!

Scott Harper


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