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“Injustice: Gods Among Us”—”Nuclear Winter Entertainment”

This week’s “Nuclear Winter Entertainment” article from Desirée and myself is now on-line:

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“The Dark Crystal” Update

Desirée and I have not yet, due to technical difficulties, been able to sit down and re-watch “The Dark Crystal” in preparation for working on our YA novel submission for that franchise. That’s something we hope to rectify in the very near future. Both of us are excited about the project, and look forward to getting our submission turned in.

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“Last Chance upon a Murder” on “Nuclear Winter Entertainment”

Book review of Desirée Lee’s “Last Chance upon a Murder” on “Nuclear Winter Entertainment”.

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US Government Knowledge of Sasquatch?

A good friend just brought this video to my attention. I thought it worth sharing here, since I have a sasquatch novel in the works.

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Stay Tuned!

Legally, I can’t say anything right this moment. However, I should be starting to blab big news soon about, not one, but TWO projects.

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“The Dark Crystal”

Yesterday afternoon Desirée found something very interesting. The creative minds behind the classic film “The Dark Crystal” are looking to expand the story into young adult novels. They are seeking submissions from authors. Desirée and I are very excited about this, as we’re both fans of the film. We plan to make the time this weekend to sit down and re-watch “The Dark Crystal”. Neither of us have seen the movie in way too long. We need the refresher on it. After watching it again, we plan to go over all the information regarding the author submissions for the young adult book contest, and start putting together some ideas. Keep watching this blog/website for updates as we progress on this!

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My thanks to everyone who has taken time from their busy schedules to write with birthday wishes for me today. It means a lot. Thank you all.

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“Man of Steel” Review—”Nuclear Winter Entertainment”

The day before the public release of “Man of Steel”, the latest Superman movie, Desirée and I were to attend an advance release screening for the film. Our review is now on-line as part of our writings for “Nuclear Winter Entertainment”. It can be found at

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Theater Etiquette

Desirée Lee and I were fortunate enough to be able to attend a pre-screening of the new Superman movie, “Man of Steel”, yesterday evening. While Desirée has been able to see several films in theaters before those movies were open to the general public, “Man of Steel” was my first time for that. While we both wanted to see the film, the real reason we were there was work. Both Desirée and myself are writers for the website “Nuclear Winter Entertainment”. We attended the advance showing of “Man of Steel” in order to have a review on the Nuclear Winter website today—the day of the film’s general release. I’ll be posting a blog announcing when the review is up. It has been written and submitted to Nuclear Winter for review. Much as I truly loved “Man of Steel”, the entire theater experience would have been so much better if the people around us would have been more courteous.

Several people whipped out cell phones around us, and started texting a few times. Older children and young teens kept getting up, walking out, and coming back in with fresh drinks and popcorn—the same few over and over and over and over and over—walking directly in front of us, blocking the screen. These same children had taken seats a few rows away from their parents, and kept getting up even more to go back and talk to them.

Another issue was with the smaller children. Yes, “Man of Steel” is a Superman film. It’s also rated PG-13, and for good reason. Read the review of the film that Desirée and I wrote for more on that. Parts of the film caused Desirée to tear up a bit. One part of the film was so intense and dramatic that I simply went into shock and cried a little. Again, the film is PG-13 for a reason! That rating means a film isn’t suitable for small children. Young children shouldn’t be in the theater for a PG-13 film. Know what happens? The same thing that happened during “Man of Steel” last night—the young children are overwhelmed by what they’re seeing on screen. They freak out. They cry. They shriek. They disturb everyone around them who is trying to enjoy the movie.

Please pay attention to theater etiquette when you go to a movie:

-Keep you cell phone OFF.

-Don’t talk.

-Be in your seat BEFORE the movie starts.

-Once the film has started, STAY IN YOUR SEAT until the film has ended if that’s at all possible.

-Don’t take children to films with ratings inappropriate to their ages.

All of these bits of etiquette were violated numerous times during “Man of Steel” last night. This is why I’m not often to be found in the theater for a film. Please use some common sense, and allow everyone else around you to enjoy the movie.

Thank you.

Scott Harper

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Since changing the look of my blog, the list of tags forces readers to do quite a bit of scrolling from one post to the next. Is this a problem? Or does everyone like this new blog design? Please let me know.

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