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Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

I want to wish all of my fans and readers a very happy—and very safe!—Thanksgiving.

Scott Harper

“Day of the Doctor”—Will Someone PLEASE Stop Steven Moffat!

This is another of those posts that I probably would’ve written for submission to “Nuclear Winter Entertainment”. This is a scaled-down, more spontaneous version of such a thing, at least.

As anyone who knows me even in the least is aware, I am a long-time, hardcore Whovian. I’ve been an avid fan of “Doctor Who” since the early 1980s, when my all-time favorite incarnation of the Doctor was on the air. That would be the Fourth, as embodied by the esteemed Mr. Tom Baker.

This past weekend, the 50th anniversary episode of “Doctor Who” aired. It seems like only a year or two ago that I was watching the 25th anniversary episode, “The Five Doctors”, for the first time. That was a fantastic story! “Day of the Doctor”? Not so much. I don’t want to give spoilers here in case anyone reading this hasn’t yet seen “Day of the Doctor”, but plans to watch it. Suffice to say that I was, overall, less than thrilled.

As is so typical of Steven Moffat’s work on “Doctor Who”, “Day of the Doctor” was a hyper-active jumble of so many elements and storylines that it came off feeling incomplete in a lot of ways. Too many elements were crammed into the episode. It felt as if many of the plotlines were wrapped up too quickly, or left unfinished.  As is usually the case with the current series, there was too much comic relief, too. As well as big-budget eye-candy special effects that really serve no purpose other than to wow tiny minds.

A few of the things worked into “Day of the Doctor” were very welcomed by me. A cameo appearance from the classic series made me tear up with joy. Seeing the Zygons brought back at long last was great, too. Sadly, though, overall, “Day of the Doctor” was typical of Steven Moffat’s work on the show—all style and flash, with no real substance.

For those deprived souls reading this who have never watched the classic “Doctor Who” series, those of you who only know “Doctor Who” from the current series—shame on you!—do yourself a favor. Go watch the classic series. Netflix has a small selection of stories from that series. Some can be found other places on-line, too, as well as on DVD. The classic series lacked the funding and technology to fill the television screen with high-tech CGI effects. Yes, it had wobbly sets and bad alien costumes most of the time. But that show was far, far, far more intelligent than what we’re seeing now. It also had solid, developed plotlines and characters who were far more likeable and memorable. I can still vividly recall events from classic “Doctor Who” episodes that I haven’t seen in well over a decade. Yet, I forget most of the details from an episode of the current series with a couple of days of watching it. Why? Because the classic series was that much better! The current show simply doesn’t stick with me. It had no real impact. Will someone please, please, please stop Steven Moffat so we can return to better “Doctor Who”?

Scott Harper


I am seeking sponsors in order to continue forwarding my writing career – airfare, hotel and ground transportation as required for certain projects, marketing, advertising, project funding, etc.

Scott Harper


Desirée Lee and I are working on a new comic book project. The title is “Confluence”. The opening story is called “Influx”. Our plan is to release “Confluence” on a bimonthly basis in both print and e-book editions. This comic series will be a blending of fantasy and science fiction. We’re devising a world in which anything can happen. “Confluence” will be unlike anything you’ve ever read before!

We also plan to sell advertising space in each issue. Each installment will consist of 24 pages of story, and eight pages of ads. We’ll get a rate scale for the ads up soon. For now, if anyone would be interested in purchasing ad space, please e-mail us.

Scott Harper

“Dracula” Television Series

While Desirée Lee and I were writing articles for “Nuclear Winter Entertainment” mentally planning review articles became a habit. One piece we were planning to write was for the new TV series, “Dracula”. With “Nuclear Winter Entertainment” dead and gone, obviously, that won’t be happening. Maybe that’s a good thing. I dislike writing negative review articles. After the pilot episode of “Dracula”, I’m afraid that’s what my contribution to such an article would’ve been. Desirée had also been unsure of the show at that point.

Now, though, three episodes into the series, our opinion of it is turning around. While still not our favorite television show by any stretch of the imagination, we are getting interested. In spite of the slow-moving pace of things, several diverse elements have been introduced. Those are slowly being woven together, making us want to know what’s coming next.

Still, both of us are having some issues with the show. This is a very, very loose interpretation of the classic Bram Stoker novel “Dracula”. Jonathan Rhys Meyers is portraying a very unusual Dracula. Under the guise of “Alexander Grayson”, he’s working with Thomas Kretschmann’s Abraham Van Helsing. Their goal is to take down a secret society of big business tycoons—founders of some of the same industries that basically rule our lives in the modern world. They are doing this while “Mr. Grayson” constantly dodges “huntsmen”—vampire hunters who seek to destroy him. This incarnation of Renfield, played by actor Nonso Anozie, is a large black man—a radical departure from the descriptions given of the character in the original novel.

After three episodes, Desirée and I still aren’t 100% sure about the series. But, we plan to give it a bit more time. We want to see how some of the plot elements play out. Episode #3—”Goblin Merchant Men”—also sets the stage for the appearance of more vampires into the show. Amid everything else that is now going on, that could bring some fascinating twists to the plot. We look forward to the next episode.

Scott Harper

Depression & Writers

Depression is a problem that seems to plague authors. Here’s a good article on the subject that’s worth a read:

Scott Harper


Winters Rite Cover_02

Between now and November 15th at 11:59 PM, receive 20% off your orders on Use the code CORNUCOPIA at the checkout.

This is the perfect time to snag a copy of my YA fantasy novels “Winter’s Rite” or “Well Wishes”. Or to grab a copy of my action/adventure book “Gauntlet”. Enjoy!

Scott Harper


Months ago, Desirée introduced me to a delightful new addiction—the MMORPG “EverQuest”. I had heard of the game before, but never played. Given everything else that has been going on in our lives, we took a hiatus from the game, but are now trying to find time to play more often. We play on the Trakanon server. I play a Level 31 Dwarf Rogue named Roltnar. Desirée plays a Level 30 Dwarf Cleric named Danora.

Most of our gaming time is in the evenings, but on weekends, you never know when you’ll find us. Please, feel free to look us up in-game, and adventure with your favorite paranormal/fantasy/horror authors!

Scott Harper

Sasquatch Novel

The rough draft of the sasquatch novel is still underway. Lately, it’s been a slower process. In case you’re wondering, trying to write a novel with a 4-month-old baby in the house is not easy!

Scott Harper

Something New

Desirée Lee and I are putting together ideas for a new comic book project. We plan for this one to be a monthly, e-published comic series. Please stay tuned for details as this project progresses.

Scott Harper

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