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Comic Book Lettering

Comic book projects are taking over more and more of my work. I use a  program called Comic Life to assemble the pages, and to letter them. I’m open to taking on lettering projects for other people’s comic book projects, too. If you want samples of what Comic Life can do, check out the webcomic “MoonWraith”, that Desirée Lee and I have running—keeping in mind that “MoonWraith” has been optioned as a movie, too—

Anyone interested in hiring me to letter your comic book, or graphic novel projects, please contact me with information. I’m sure we can work out the details!

Scott Harper

“Purple Paparazzi Penguins From Pluto”

Desirée Lee and I have a 5-month-old daughter. I keep thinking more and more about children’s literature. Being a writer, I keep pondering what it would be like to write for very young children. Earlier this morning, the title “Purple Paparazzi Penguins From Pluto” just popped into my mind. Should I try to write the story? What do you all think?

Scott Harper

Bookworm Bags

Desirée and I are members of an author promotion group called “Bookworm Bags”. Basically, authors on the group mail promo items to each other. That promo is put into “goodie bags” for giveaway. These bags are given out by everyone on the group. The more authors that partake in the group, the more each participating author’s promo items are handed out to potential readers. Any authors interested in joining the Bookworm Bags, please check out the site:

Scott Harper

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