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Amazon Problems

Currently, Amazon is showing that the Dark Castle Lords Kindle edition of “Well Wishes” (again), and the paperback edition of “Predators or Prey?” (still) are available. Neither of those should be on Amazon—or anywhere else—for sale now. Five months ago I parted ways with DCL. No DCL editions of my work should be for sale anywhere now. If you find one somewhere, please let me know so that I can see to that problem.

Scott Harper

10 Days Left—”Dark River Lords” Update


“Dark River Lords” still has a very respectable 92% win rate—294 wins in 318 rounds of voting.

If you haven’t voted—or if you’d like to vote for “Dark River Lords” again—please go to and vote on the film’s premise. When you see the one for “Dark River Lords” come up, please click the button marked “This One Wins” for that project. If you’d like to quickly skip over any voting rounds until “Dark River Lords” pops up as a choice, simply use the “skip this battle” link.

I’ll continue posting updates throughout the project’s time in the Amazon Studios Premise War. Today is Day 35 of the 45-day voting period for “Dark River Lords”. Only 10 days left to vote!

Scott Harper

“Confluence” Issue #2 Cover

In the previous post, I shared the cover for Issue #1 of “Confluence”. Here’s the cover for Issue #2.


Scott Harper

Coming Soon…”Confluence”


Coming soon from Umbral Press (

“Confluence” is a bimonthly comic book series. It is created and produced by award-winning, bestselling, critically-acclaimed paranormal authors Scott Harper and Desirée Lee (

“Confluence” is a science fiction/fantasy mash-up. It focuses on Rue Preston, her best friend Nadine Larson, and the “town pest” Marvin Chambers after the trio is pulled through a dimensional rift to another world. The place where they find themselves is a nexus point where an unknown number of realities join. As such, the world where they have found themselves is a place where anything can potentially happen.

Scott Harper

Lulu Mother’s Day Sale

Gauntlet Cover

10% off all books on Lulu between now and May 11th. Just use the discount code MOM10 at checkout.

Now is a great time to grab a copy of “Winter’s Rite”, “Well Wishes”, or “Gauntlet”!

Scott Harper

A to Z Author Challenge

My nomination of Desirée Lee for the Masquerade’s A to Z Author Challenge made it onto their site:

Scott Harper

“Wee We”

Some of my 30+ published short stories are on-line still and/or again. Here’s one called “Wee We” for you to enjoy:

Scott Harper

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