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Desirée Lee and I plan to do the majority of the move to our new house today. Posts to this blog may be a bit sporadic again for a few days while we’re getting settled. I’ve been trying hard to get at least one post up per day, so as not to allow this blog to appear dead. But, there are only so many hours in a day. On top of being a busy bestselling author, I’m also a husband and a father. I love my fans, though, and never want any of you to think you’re being ignored by me. My thanks to you all for the incredible support!

Scott Harper

“What Lurks in Twilight Hollow?”

Some of my 30+ published short stories are on-line still and/or again. Here’s one called “What Lurks in Twilight Hollow?” for you to enjoy:

Scott Harper

“Warder” Still Needs An Artist/Art Team

One of the myriad project that Desirée Lee and I are in the midst of is “Warder”. We plan “Warder” to be an on-going, bimonthly comic book series. It will be published via Umbral Press. Please see the photo/ad below for details on the project, and what we’re looking for.


warderad_01_JPEGScott Harper

Ads Still Available

Pred & Prey FINAL COVER 2482 pixls

Get in on the ground floor—advertise in the new comic book series “Wendy Markland: Chronicles Nocturnum”!

“Wendy Markland: Chronicles Nocturnum” is written, and lettered by award-winning, bestselling, critically-acclaimed author Scott Harper. Pencils, inks, and colors are by artist James Smith. Additional graphics are by bestselling author Desirée Lee. Issue #1 is ready to go to print! “Wendy Markland: Chronicles Nocturnum” is based on Scott Harper’s Wendy Markland novels.

We’re looking to fill eight ad pages in the first issue of “Wendy Markland: Chronicles Nocturnum”, bringing the page count up to the standard 32-pages, and off-set the printing costs. This project is being published by a new comic book publisher called Timeless Comics. The book will be launched locally, and grow from there. Because of the limited—for now—release, the rates for these ads are much, much lower than is typical for comic book ads. But advertisers still get the full impact of the name recognition of the team who put this book together!

Full-page ad—$50

2-page splash ad—$80

Any businesses in northern California or southern Oregon who would like to take advantage of this rare offer by securing ad space in the first issue of “Wendy Markland: Chronicles Nocturnum”, please contact project creator Scott Harper at

Scott Harper

“Confluence” Launching Soon


A proof copy of Issue #1 of “Confluence”—the new science fiction comic book series by Desirée Lee and myself—has been ordered. Soon as we’ve cleared the proof, the series will officially launch, and Issue #1 will be available for sale. “Confluence” is being published by Umbral Press. It’s a bimonthly, full-color comic book with 24 pages of story per issue.

Scott Harper

New House

I apologize for the lack of updates on my blog/website of late. Desirée Lee and I have just bought a new house. That in and of itself was an ordeal! Now, we’re getting ready for the actual move. Hopefully things can settle back into a normal routine after our move, and new posts will be going up regularly again.

Scott Harper

Amazon Studios Reply—”Dark River Lords” Update


Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but… Amazon Studios turned down “Dark River Lords”. The message from them was simple:

“Thank you again for creating your project, Dark River Lords, at Amazon Studios. The option and evaluation period is now over, and we have chosen not to exercise or extend our option on your project.

Since you submitted your original work privately, you may now either make it public, by clicking “Make project public” on your project page, or remove it from Amazon Studios, by clicking “Remove my project” on your project page. If you do neither within two weeks from the date of this email, you will no longer have the option to make it public, and it will automatically be removed from Amazon Studios. Please see our FAQ for more information about what it means to remove your private project from Amazon Studios.

We encourage you to keep your work available for public review at Amazon Studios, and wish you all the best with your project.


The Amazon Studios Cast and Crew ”

So, despite the fact that “Dark River Lords” ended its voting period with 350+ wins out of 370+ rounds of voting, Amazon Studios declined the project. They didn’t bother to explain why. I have zero clue what it takes to get them to option a project.

Anyway, “Dark River Lords” is, once again, up for grabs for any producer interested in optioning the project.

Logline: In this intense action/drama, when a princess is kidnapped by the king of a rival land, the captain of her personal guard will stop at nothing to secure her freedom.

Any producers out there interested in “Dark River Lords”, please get in touch with me.

Scott Harper

Sasquatch Research Project

As you all know I’m very happily married to bestselling paranormal author Desirée Lee ( As you all know, Desirée and I are working on some projects that we’re coauthoring. These projects are in addition to the myriad solo projects we each have in various stages of completion. One project—two in one, really—that we have in mind stem from a research project revolving around sasquatch.

I’ve had this project in mind for several years. As most of you probably know—or at least can guess—this stems from my nearly life-long interest in sasquatch. That interest began while I was growing up in central Ohio. While there, I had a series of sightings and other encounters with at least one sasquatch. You can read about those events here:

Desirée and I have decided that we’d like to take my original research project idea to new heights—if we’re ever able to do it. Rather than pure research/evidence gathering, we also would like to turn the research project into both a book, and a documentary. Both spin-off projects would cover the entire research project start to finish.

If we’re ever able to carry out these plans, we would also like to bring my good friend Thomas Curtin Jr.—member of the BFRO (, MUFON (, and other such investigative organizations.

However, to do the planned sasquatch research project, we need funding. I won’t go into details of the project here for fear of ideas being stolen. Sadly the Internet seems custom-made for that, and it’s happened to me in the past. The funding is required to procure the necessary equipment for long-term field research for the main project, and, if possible, better equipment for filming the spin-off documentary than what we currently have access to.

If anyone is interested in funding—or helping to fund—this, please get in touch. Remember—Desirée and I live in the Pacific Northwest. We’re in the extreme northern part of California, almost in Oregon. This area is prime sasquatch country. The BFRO has 427 sasquatch reports on file. Of those, 31 are in the county Desirée and I live in. Of those, several are in area that we frequent. We have also been privy to a very recent possible sighting, but I’m not at liberty to share details of that event here.

We feel that we’re a sort of “perfect storm” of personal and professional experience, and location, to be the ones to conduct what we have in mind. All we lack is the needed equipment funding.

Scott Harper

Next-To-Last-Day—”Dark River Lords” Update


“Dark River Lords” is maintaining the 90% win rate on the Amazon Studios Premise War—330 wins in 368 rounds of voting.

If you haven’t voted—or if you’d like to vote for “Dark River Lords” again—please go to and vote on the film’s premise. When you see the one for “Dark River Lords” come up, please click the button marked “This One Wins” for that project. If you’d like to quickly skip over any voting rounds until “Dark River Lords” pops up as a choice, simply use the “skip this battle” link.

Today is Day 44 of the 45-day voting period for “Dark River Lords”. Only today and tomorrow left to vote!

Scott Harper


Yesterday, my website switched hosts. Far as I know, there was no downtime during the change-over. However, if you tried to visit my site and found it temporarily off-line, I apologize.

Scott Harper

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