Amazon Studios Reply—”Dark River Lords” Update


Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but… Amazon Studios turned down “Dark River Lords”. The message from them was simple:

“Thank you again for creating your project, Dark River Lords, at Amazon Studios. The option and evaluation period is now over, and we have chosen not to exercise or extend our option on your project.

Since you submitted your original work privately, you may now either make it public, by clicking “Make project public” on your project page, or remove it from Amazon Studios, by clicking “Remove my project” on your project page. If you do neither within two weeks from the date of this email, you will no longer have the option to make it public, and it will automatically be removed from Amazon Studios. Please see our FAQ for more information about what it means to remove your private project from Amazon Studios.

We encourage you to keep your work available for public review at Amazon Studios, and wish you all the best with your project.


The Amazon Studios Cast and Crew ”

So, despite the fact that “Dark River Lords” ended its voting period with 350+ wins out of 370+ rounds of voting, Amazon Studios declined the project. They didn’t bother to explain why. I have zero clue what it takes to get them to option a project.

Anyway, “Dark River Lords” is, once again, up for grabs for any producer interested in optioning the project.

Logline: In this intense action/drama, when a princess is kidnapped by the king of a rival land, the captain of her personal guard will stop at nothing to secure her freedom.

Any producers out there interested in “Dark River Lords”, please get in touch with me.

Scott Harper

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