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Paranormal TV Series Executive Producer Needed

Desirée and I are looking for an Executive Producer for a unique paranormal investigation TV series. I’m not going to give details for the idea here, in such a public place. If you are a producer, please contact us about the project. If you know a producer who might be interested, please have them contact us.

Scott Harper

Thank You

Thank you all for the birthday wishes today. I’m truly touched to have heard from so many people.

While I’m posting, please forgive the on-going sporadic nature of my posts here of late. As you know, Desirée and I recently bought a house. We’re having some minor remodeling done, and still trying to get settled in. On top of all of that, both of us and our 11-month-old daughter ended up with a shared summer cold. They’re okay now. I’m still trying to shake my own cold.

Scott Harper

Proof Negative


The Issue #1 proof of “Confluence” arrived in today’s mail. Sadly, there are a few minor changes that need to be made to color tones. What looks good on a screen doesn’t always translate well into print. Desirée and I apologize for the further delay, but we’d rather hold off on the launch of the book, and put something good out there for the fans, rather than offer a sub-standard product for our readers. We hope everyone understands.

Scott Harper

Film Project Help Needed

Desirée Lee and I have hit new territory. A producer is asking for a project proposal and a detailed budget from us for a film project. Writing the project proposal isn’t a problem. But we need help with the budget. As stated, this is new territory for us; we don’t know how to estimate the various costs involved with making a movie well enough to write up a budget plan. Can anyone help us with this?

Scott Harper


Wow. It’s been a while. I apologize to everyone for the lag between posts. Desirée and I spent about a week moving. Luckily, we had some good friends and family helping us out—with both the move itself, and babysitting. However, there were delays with getting the DSL connection set up in the new house. As a result, I’m only just getting back on-line, and playing catch-up. We still have a lot of settling in to do, but we’re getting there. Please forgive any associated delays with updates to this site/blog.

Scott Harper

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