It seems that most of my previous few posts here lately have all been explanations as to why I haven’t been posting more. Count this one among that number.

Just after Desirée and I had gotten over our colds, she contracted a stomach virus. As Desirée was getting over it, I caught it. It hit me—hard—the better part of a week ago. While I’m nowhere near as sick as I was, I’m still not 100% over it, either. Luckily, Desirée seems to be. I’m trying to get back into a normal work schedule. But this certainly isn’t the optimal week for that. Not only am I recovering from the stomach virus, but our daughter’s first birthday is two days away. The day after her birthday is the 4th of July. I’m slowly easing my way from camping out on the sofa, and back to my desk during the days. I’m still living mostly on Gatorade and a few crackers. Hopefully next week things will be more back to normal.

In the meantime, word has come in that the new proof for Issue #1 of “Confluence” has shipped out. It ought to be in our hands soon. Expect “Confluence” to officially launch in the near future! We really think you’ll all love this project!

Scott Harper

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