I’m a bestselling author. Most of my work falls into the genres of fantasy, paranormal, or horror. I’ve had over thirty short stories published, along with nine books, and have been hired for comic book, and movie projects. Also, my wife and I have comic projects in the works, and are co-authoring three book projects at once. I’m also soon to be writing a screenplay with someone else, as well.

Given these credentials, I feel that I’m qualified to make the following offer. I’m willing to hire myself, my experience, and my first-hand knowledge out as a writing consultant in the areas of short fiction, novels, comic books, and screenplays.

Anyone interested, please contact me via my website with some information regarding the project(s) in question that you would like me to consult on. We can work out a fair cost. Naturally, the longer the project, or the longer duration the consult, the higher my required cost would be. My preferred payment method would be PayPal – loathe though I am to involve that company in anything. If you would rather make payment for consultation fees by some other method, please let me know, and we’ll discuss it.

Scott Harper

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