Done Deal

A couple of times recently, I’ve mentioned that I’d soon by teaming up with someone to write a screenplay. While work has yet to start on the project, the contract is a done deal. Hopefully we’ll begin the actual project soon. At the moment, I’m still unable to give details on the project. Please continue watching this blog, and website. Again, I thank you all for your patience. I’ll reveal what I can, when I can, about the project when the timing is right. For now, please suffice to say that this project is right up my alley; something my fans would probably expect me to take on.

Several times in the past I’ve worked on screenplays with other people. Most have yet to be made due to lack of funding. The one exception was a short film project I helped out with when I still lived in Florida. That project was for a short film contest: I’m not listed on on this project because I don’t yet have a bio on that site.

Hopefully this new film project I’m about to embark upon will  be made as easily as “Prisoner 34655” was. Wish me luck, please!

Scott Harper

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