In the past, I’ve tried crowd-funding as a source of funding for a few projects. None of those attempts have brought any sort of success whatsoever for me. Yet I see more and more projects being funded that way. I see project creators ranging from those just starting out in film, music, or whatever their chosen profession is, all the way up to well-known celebrities using this method to get the money needed to launch new projects. Obviously, crowd-funding works for some people.



What makes a crowd-funding campaign successful? What do those for whom this method works do to make people want to throw money at their project? Can anyone tell me? There have been times when I’ve run across projects on crowd-funding sites that have made me think, “Seriously? Someone thinks this is a good enough idea to create?” And that project will have already amassed thousands of dollars! What are those creators doing to make their crowd-funding campaigns work so well? I’d be very appreciative of anyone who could help me create such a successful crowd-funding campaign. Desiree Lee and I have some indie film projects in mind that we would turn to crowd-funding for – if we could get that method to work for us.

Scott Harper


  1. I think that promoting the campaign is the key. You will notice that a lot of the profiles that have amassed 100’s of thousands have a huge following on Facebook etc or convinced someone with a huge following to help promote the campaign.

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