For our anniversary, Desiree and I took a mini-vacation. We live in northern California, but spend a lot of time in Oregon. Yet we usually only see the same small area of southern Oregon when we’re up there hanging out with friends, shopping, or doing whatever else we’re there for on a given day. For our anniversary mini-vacation, we went up the Oregon coast to Florence, Oregon to visit the sea lion caves – sadly, our timing was wrong, and the sea lions weren’t in the cave; they were out hunting. So, we didn’t actually go down to the cave on this trip. That will, hopefully, be a future trip! We also went up to Newport to the aquarium. We spend a good chunk of the day there.

We stayed at the Lighthouse Inn in Florence, Oregon while we were in the area. That was a 2-night stay. We were in Room 22, if anyone planning to stay there would like to stay in the same room used by two bestselling authors!

On our way home, we discovered a wonderful new store – Ancient Light. Desiree and I are pagan, for those of you who didn’t already know. We passed Ancient Light on our way up to Newport, and hoped they’d be open by the time we passed back through on our return trip to our room at the inn that day. Luckily, they were. Ancient Light turned out to be a fantastic place. The energy is the shop was so pure, calming, and peaceful that we didn’t even want to leave. Neither did our 13-month-old daughter!

Desiree and I want to thank everyone we had the good fortune to meet during our trip – all of you helped to make our first anniversary mini-vacation a memorable experience, whether you ever found out who we are, and why we were there. Thank you all!

Scott Harper

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