When posting about the trip that my wife and I took for our anniversary I thanked several places specifically for helping to make our mini-vacation memorable. There were a couple that I should have included, but didn’t.

One of those is the Prehistoric Gardens. We hadn’t even known about this location ahead of time. We simply say signs as we were driving along, wondered what the place would be like, saw the Tyrannosaurus Rex and Brachiosaurus from the highway, and stopped. We had a great time there, walking through, seeing the dinosaurs, experiencing the Oregon Coast rain forest, and taking a multitude of photos with our 13-month-old daughter with the exhibits. The only non-fun part of that stop was when I was holding our daughter for a photo, and she grabbed my glasses, and promptly threw them down onto the ground – hard. But that has nothing whatsoever to do with Prehistoric Gardens themselves. Everything they had control over was great. I thank you, too, for having copies of Dr. Jeff Meldrum’s book “Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science” in stock. I’ve seen the televised documentary of this, but never read the book. This was only the second time I’ve even seen the book anywhere. And, yes, I could have ordered it on-line. It wasn’t a souvenir pertaining directly to Prehistoric Gardens themselves. But, I grabbed a copy, and look forward to reading it ASAP. So does Desiree. Talking sasquatch, and sasquatch documentaries with the woman in the gift shop who was running the counter was a pleasure, too. I apologize to you, ma’am, for not getting your name.

Another thank you has to go out to “that kid in the gift shop” at the aquarium. You know who you are. It was a pleasure talking to you. And we truly do hope that, when your book is ready, you’ll contact Umbral Press about it.

Scott Harper

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