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“Lost and Found”

The short stories I’ve had published before are all on-line again. I wanted to get them up to allow fans and readers who have joined me since these were first published – years ago in many cases – to enjoy them. Here’s one titled “Lost and Found“. This was written very shortly after I completed the children’s literature course. “Lost and Found” is one of my early fantasy pieces. It’s simple, aimed at children. Yet several adults have taken the time over the years to let me know that they’ve read it, and found it sweet and endearing.

I’ve commented recently a few times that, with a lot of my earlier work, I don’t remember the inspiration behind them. With this one, I do. Faerie lore is a longtime interest of mine. Yet I’ve never heard of Urisks until right before I wrote this. I found them so unusual that I wanted to do something with them. “Lost and Found” is the result of that. I hope you all enjoy it!

Scott Harper

Willow Creek

Usually, Desiree Lee and I don’t advertise ahead of time where we’ll be for non-work reasons. Why? We’re both bestselling authors. We’re public figures. Thus far, neither of us has picked up any stalkers, but that could change at any time. Since the birth of our daughter, that’s even more of a concern. Still, in this instance, I wanted to make it known where we plan to be beforehand. That’s because this outing is equal parts pleasure and work.

On Saturday, August 30th, 2014 we’ll be at Willow Creek at the sasquatch festival there – the California Bigfoot Festival. One project we have in the works right now is a sasquatch-themed novel. Attending the festival will fall into the category of research. It will also simply be fun. Anyone who knows anything about me at all probably knows about my nearly life-long interest in the topic of sasquatch. A lot of that comes from these events while I was growing up in Ohio. Now, living in the Pacific Northwest, I’m more interested in the topic than ever. Also, by attending this year, we hope to make the needed connections to be able to appear as guests at some point in the future.

So, if you’re going to be in Willow Creek, California on August 30th for the California Bigfoot Festival, and would like to meet two bestselling authors, please keep watch for us. We’ll be there somewhere!

Scott Harper

October 25th

Desiree Lee and I are in the process of setting up a signing – and maybe a talk, too – on October 25th of this year.If this goes through, it looks as if we’ll be able to represent our books, and comic projects – “MoonWraith” and “Confluence“, as well as put word out about comic book works-in-progress. If this goes through, we’ll be doing the signing in Klamath Falls, Oregon. We look forward to seeing all of you at the signing. Please keep watching my website and WordPress blog for updates on this, and other things.

For those who don’t know us, Desiree is a bestselling paranormal author. She’s had eight books published, as well as magazine articles.

I’m also a bestselling paranormal author with nine books, and over thirty short stories published.

Beyond those things, we have branched out into comic book and film work. At the moment, we’re coauthoring three books at once. Each of those books falls into a different category and genre. As we’re not on the verge of publishing any of those three yet, I don’t want to say much about them here at the moment. So, again, please keep checking back for updates.

Scott Harper


When posting about the trip that my wife and I took for our anniversary I thanked several places specifically for helping to make our mini-vacation memorable. There were a couple that I should have included, but didn’t.

One of those is the Prehistoric Gardens. We hadn’t even known about this location ahead of time. We simply say signs as we were driving along, wondered what the place would be like, saw the Tyrannosaurus Rex and Brachiosaurus from the highway, and stopped. We had a great time there, walking through, seeing the dinosaurs, experiencing the Oregon Coast rain forest, and taking a multitude of photos with our 13-month-old daughter with the exhibits. The only non-fun part of that stop was when I was holding our daughter for a photo, and she grabbed my glasses, and promptly threw them down onto the ground – hard. But that has nothing whatsoever to do with Prehistoric Gardens themselves. Everything they had control over was great. I thank you, too, for having copies of Dr. Jeff Meldrum’s book “Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science” in stock. I’ve seen the televised documentary of this, but never read the book. This was only the second time I’ve even seen the book anywhere. And, yes, I could have ordered it on-line. It wasn’t a souvenir pertaining directly to Prehistoric Gardens themselves. But, I grabbed a copy, and look forward to reading it ASAP. So does Desiree. Talking sasquatch, and sasquatch documentaries with the woman in the gift shop who was running the counter was a pleasure, too. I apologize to you, ma’am, for not getting your name.

Another thank you has to go out to “that kid in the gift shop” at the aquarium. You know who you are. It was a pleasure talking to you. And we truly do hope that, when your book is ready, you’ll contact Umbral Press about it.

Scott Harper


For our anniversary, Desiree and I took a mini-vacation. We live in northern California, but spend a lot of time in Oregon. Yet we usually only see the same small area of southern Oregon when we’re up there hanging out with friends, shopping, or doing whatever else we’re there for on a given day. For our anniversary mini-vacation, we went up the Oregon coast to Florence, Oregon to visit the sea lion caves – sadly, our timing was wrong, and the sea lions weren’t in the cave; they were out hunting. So, we didn’t actually go down to the cave on this trip. That will, hopefully, be a future trip! We also went up to Newport to the aquarium. We spend a good chunk of the day there.

We stayed at the Lighthouse Inn in Florence, Oregon while we were in the area. That was a 2-night stay. We were in Room 22, if anyone planning to stay there would like to stay in the same room used by two bestselling authors!

On our way home, we discovered a wonderful new store – Ancient Light. Desiree and I are pagan, for those of you who didn’t already know. We passed Ancient Light on our way up to Newport, and hoped they’d be open by the time we passed back through on our return trip to our room at the inn that day. Luckily, they were. Ancient Light turned out to be a fantastic place. The energy is the shop was so pure, calming, and peaceful that we didn’t even want to leave. Neither did our 13-month-old daughter!

Desiree and I want to thank everyone we had the good fortune to meet during our trip – all of you helped to make our first anniversary mini-vacation a memorable experience, whether you ever found out who we are, and why we were there. Thank you all!

Scott Harper


My wonderful wife Desiree Lee and myself have, for a little while now, been running the hit webcomic titled “MoonWraith“. Just over 100 pages are on-line. A new page goes live each Monday, something we refer to as “MoonWraith” Mondays. We want to thank everyone who regularly visits the webcomic. “MoonWraith” sees a great deal of steady traffic – not only on Mondays, when the new pages goes up,  but every day of the week. Your support of “MoonWraith” has been – and continues to be – incredible. Thank you all.

Do in part to this steady flow of traffic, and on-going interest in the webcomic, “MoonWraith” is currently being considered by an Executive Producer as either a feature film, or its originally-intended television series concept. Please wish us luck on that. Seeing a “MoonWraith” feature film, or TV series would be fantastic! We hope you all think so, too.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with “MoonWraith” yet, the series is set in Medieval Europe. It’s a character drama, which is set against the backdrop of a war between humans and werewolves. There aren’t really any good guys, or bad guys. Each side is just trying to survive. Unfortunately, what each side needs to survive harms the other. Our protagonist is a young woman named Kizzy Faw. She’s a Seer, sent by the king to use her gift to help uncover a fabled talisman called the MoonWraith. This talisman was used centuries prior to create the werewolf race. The king hopes that, if it can be found, the MoonWraith can be used to rid Europe of the werewolves. However, on her way, Kizzy suffers a head injury which has robbed her – for the moment, at least – of her gift of the Sight. Now, Kizzy is on the front lines of the war, bereft of the one reason she was sent there. Meanwhile, things aren’t smooth on the werewolf side of the equation, either.

If you’ve been reading “MoonWraith”, thank you. If you’ve subscribed to the webcomic, thank you even more. If you haven’t subscribed, please do so. If you haven’t read it, please do so. Be warned, however – “MoonWraith” is intended for mature audiences. It gets violent at times, and there is frequent nudity. Eventually, when the plot progresses enough, there will be some sexual situations depicted in the series, too.

Again, we thank you all for your continued support of “MoonWraith”!

Scott Harper


Anyone out there interested in acting as manager to a bestselling, award-winning paranormal author, comic book scribe, and screenwriter? If so, please get in touch with me through the “Contact” section of my website.

When I say “manager”, I mean “manager”, not an agent, or publicist. I’ve signed with four agents in the past. Not one of them did a thing for me, or my career. The one publicist I tried working with turned out to be nothing but common a con-man. I’d like to try working with a manager, though. Someone who knows how to combine the best parts of being a publicist, and an agent, yet who is neither.

To date, I’ve had over 30 short stories, and nine books published. My eighth book, “Quintana Roo, Yucatan“, is an award-winning bestseller. I’ve been hired for comic book projects, and screenplay projects. I’m just about co-write a feature-length script with someone else. In addition, I have several creator-owned projects that I am trying to sell, and more in the works. My wife – bestselling paranormal novelist Desiree Lee – and I are in the process of coauthoring three books. We also write, create artwork for, and letter the hit webcomic “MoonWraith” “MoonWraith” is also being looked at by an Executive Producer at the moment for the potential to turn it into either a feature film, or its originally-intended television series format.

If anyone reading this is interested in talking about working for me as a manager, please get in touch with me by way of the “Contact” area of my website. If you know someone who may be interested in working as my manager, please put them in touch with me. Payment for such a manager’s services would need to be a percentage of monies made due to their work.

Scott Harper

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