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Happy Anniversary, Desirée Lee!

This post is devoted to my wonderful, warm, caring, loving, intelligent, gorgeous wife – Desiree Lee. One year ago today we were married. It was one of the happiest days of my life.

I had all but given up on ever finding the right woman. Desiree and I met several years ago, while we both lived in Florida. I was doing a group book signing, and was one of several authors there. Desiree stopped by to make contact with another author, who was also signing autographs. That’s how Desiree and I first met.

As I’ve told her many times since we became a couple, when I first met her I knew she was someone special. At the time, though, I had no idea whatsoever just how special she would become to me.

After that meeting, we kept in touch, tenuously, and professionally, via social networking sites – MySpace at first, and then Facebook. About three years or so ago we started to get to know each other on a more personal level. Quickly, we discovered that we had a huge amount of things in common beyond the fact that we’re both authors. A relationship soon developed. Before too long, it become glaringly obvious that one of us had to relocate. She was living here in California at the time. So, I packed up, and moved 3,000 miles to be with her. Just over a year after that move, we were married.

Now, here we are at our 1-year anniversary. A full year of being the husband to the most wonderful woman ever to talk this Earth. Thank you, Desiree, for everything. You mean the world to me. I love you more than any words can ever even begin to convey. Trying to express how I feel about you in mere words is inadequate beyond description. I love you, and am so very, very glad to be married to you. Each and ever day I marvel at how incredibly lucky I am.

I love you, Desiree Lee!

Scott Harper


In the past, I’ve tried crowd-funding as a source of funding for a few projects. None of those attempts have brought any sort of success whatsoever for me. Yet I see more and more projects being funded that way. I see project creators ranging from those just starting out in film, music, or whatever their chosen profession is, all the way up to well-known celebrities using this method to get the money needed to launch new projects. Obviously, crowd-funding works for some people.



What makes a crowd-funding campaign successful? What do those for whom this method works do to make people want to throw money at their project? Can anyone tell me? There have been times when I’ve run across projects on crowd-funding sites that have made me think, “Seriously? Someone thinks this is a good enough idea to create?” And that project will have already amassed thousands of dollars! What are those creators doing to make their crowd-funding campaigns work so well? I’d be very appreciative of anyone who could help me create such a successful crowd-funding campaign. Desiree Lee and I have some indie film projects in mind that we would turn to crowd-funding for – if we could get that method to work for us.

Scott Harper



The short stories that I’ve had published in the past are all on-line again. Here’s an old one titled “Keeper“. “Keeper” is one of the longer short stories I’ve written. It was one of my earliest attempts at trying my hand at the fantasy genre – an area where most of my published work now resides.

For the past few days, I’ve been talking on and off here about inspiration for work, and where it comes from. I’ve mentioned that I simply don’t recall where the ideas for a lot of my past work came from now. “Keeper” falls into that category. I remember working on it. I remember thinking of some of the various elements I wanted to work into the story – the troll, especially; trolls are the fantasy genre equivalent of hyenas, but I love them! But I don’t remember where the overall story concept came from.

Still, I hope you all enjoy reading – or rereading, as the case may be for those of you who have been supporting my writing career since it first began – this story. Please let me know. I always enjoy hearing from my fans!

Scott Harper


Lately, I keep thinking back over my publishing credits, and thinking about the various projects I’ve worked on over the years. At first, I kept trying to get a novel published. That book was “Winter’s Rite”, which I first began as the final assignment of the course on children’s literature that I took years ago. Frustrated at not being able to get “Winter’s Rite” into print, I turned my attention to short stories. My first-ever piece of published work was a short story titled “Faerie Bloom”. That was, I think, in the summer of 2002.

Now, I have over thirty short stories published, along with nine books of varying length. Those projects have led me into screenwriting, too. My long-time love of the hobby of comic books has led me into work in that field, too. These things have been a mix of work I’ve been hired to do, and creator-owned projects.

One question I get asked a lot is where my ideas come from. People want to know what inspired a given book, short story, comic book story, or movie. Looking back, I’m sorry to have to say that I honestly don’t remember where most of the inspiration for my past work came from. A few I do, but not most.

Would fans and readers like for me to start including blurbs about the inspiration for a given piece of work for current and future projects here as I announce them? Please let me know!

Scott Harper

Artist Call

Desiree Lee and I are still looking for artists, or art teams, for two comic book projects. One of those projects, “Warder”, is high fantasy. The other is titled “Ravenesque”, and is modern-day urban fantasy. Please see just below for information regarding “Warder”.


Payment terms for “Ravenesque” would be the same.

Both series feature female protagonists. The following shouldn’t need to be stated, it ought to be pure common sense, but repeated occurrences of the problem force me to say it: Anyone even remotely interested in doing artwork duties for either “Warder” or “Ravenesque” needs to be very proficient at, and fully comfortable with, drawing females. Not to be blunt, but, if you’re not very proficient at, and fully comfortable with, drawing females, please do not waste your time, or ours, by by submitting work to us for either of these projects.

Artists interested in submitting for either series need to also be proficient and comfortable drawing an array of fantasy creatures – dwarfs, faeries, dragons, trolls, elves, gnomes, leprechauns, brownies, spirit beings, etc.

Please use the submission e-mail address listed above on the “Warder” ad flier for “Ravenesque”, too.

We look forward to reviewing the submissions!

Scott Harper


The short stories I’ve had published in the past are on-line again. Here’s one from years ago, titled “Overthrown“.

“Overthrown” was one of my first science fiction pieces. At the time, it was one of the longest – if not the longest – thing I’d ever written. Looking back, I don’t even remember what inspired “Overthrown” now. I do remember being excited about the concept of writing a story involving robots. I also remember this taking far, far longer to write than it should have, given it’s status and word count as a short story. I just don’t remember why it took such a disproportionate amount of time to write.

Hopefully you all enjoy reading “Overthrown” – be it for the first time, or reading it again for those of you who have been with me for the long haul. Please write and let me know. Hearing from my fans is always a pleasure!

Scott Harper

Done Deal

A couple of times recently, I’ve mentioned that I’d soon by teaming up with someone to write a screenplay. While work has yet to start on the project, the contract is a done deal. Hopefully we’ll begin the actual project soon. At the moment, I’m still unable to give details on the project. Please continue watching this blog, and website. Again, I thank you all for your patience. I’ll reveal what I can, when I can, about the project when the timing is right. For now, please suffice to say that this project is right up my alley; something my fans would probably expect me to take on.

Several times in the past I’ve worked on screenplays with other people. Most have yet to be made due to lack of funding. The one exception was a short film project I helped out with when I still lived in Florida. That project was for a short film contest: I’m not listed on on this project because I don’t yet have a bio on that site.

Hopefully this new film project I’m about to embark upon will  be made as easily as “Prisoner 34655” was. Wish me luck, please!

Scott Harper

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