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Don’t Feed Trolls


As an award-winning, bestselling author, I’m a public figure. Yeah; that still seems surreal to me at times, too. Still, it’s true. I receive fan mail from readers worldwide. Sometimes, however, I also receive messages, or blog comments, or social networking comments, that aren’t from fans. So they claim publicly, anyway. A lot of these comments are brought on by the fact that a large portion of my work falls into the paranormal and fantasy genres. Some of the things worked into various projects have been based on personal experience. Some people have trouble dealing with the supernatural – even when looking at it through the lens of fiction. When they find out that I accept and fully believe in some of the topics I write about as fiction, people sometimes see it as their personal mission to comment.

Inevitably, those comments are negative. Ultimately, they are simply ignored. Still, I don’t like receiving them. I doubt anyone does. If you feel such an overwhelming need to respond to something that I’ve written with such a message, please at least send a civil, well-written message. It never fails that the messages I’ve referring to here are angry attempts at sounding vastly superior, while being full of errors – punctuation, grammar, capitalization, spelling, etc. That only serves to make them amusing. By sending such messages, you’re wasting you own time, and mine,

I don’t want to feed the trolls – the immature internet variety, or real ones. So, this post is likely the only time I’ll publicly address this. I truly do love hearing from my readers. However, if your only reason for writing is to call into question my sanity for claims to have grown up in a haunted house, or having spotted a sasquatch, or for my believe in the supernatural as a whole, please don’t bother.

Scott Harper

New Movie

Things are progressing with the new movie script I’m working on. The first 30-some pages are done. Thus far, things have been moving smoothly for the project. I know; I probably just jinxed it by saying that!

At this time, I’m still unsure of just how much to say publicly regarding the project. I want to blab everything here, so that my fans and readers know all about the project. But, in this business, that’s not a good idea. Especially not this early on in the process of creation. So, I’ll just say that the project is feature-length, and planned to be live-action. It’s something that my fans would expect me to be working on. The film should be something all of you find highly entertaining, while at the same time thought-provoking, and full of action. The characters are great; you’ll want to root for the good guys, and scream “Boo!” at the bad ones.

Please keep watching my WordPress blog, and my website, for updates. I’ll say what I can about this film project when I can. I realize this post doesn’t really say much overall. But I wanted to let you all know that I am still working on this movie, and that things are progressing on it.

Scott Harper


Recently, several of my novels were discovered on a pirate site. Among those titles was my bestselling, award-winning book “Quintana Roo, Yucatan“. I was very displeased, and distressed upon hearing this. Why? Because those books are being stolen. Each e-book download of a title means money lost to me. It’s royalties that I would have earned by was of legitimate sales, gone. Poof! Authors don’t make a lot per sale to begin with. Our income is generated by way of lots of sales. Each pirated copy, each theft, steals one of those sales from us.

Not only am I an author, but I’m also a husband and father. I have a wife and child to support. Each theft that keeps royalties from me, keeps that money from my family, too. Pirates don’t just steal from the author, they steal from the authors’ spouses, and children. It’s deplorable.

As an author, and as a husband, and as a father, I’m asking you not to download pirated works. Pay the money. Buy the work. Pay the author for all of the time they’ve put into creating that work. Allow the author that income for support of themselves, and their families. Please.

If you discover any of my work, or work by my very talented wife Desirée Lee, on a pirate site anywhere, please let us know. Simply send me a message via the “Contact” page of my website. We thank you for your help in this fight against piracy.

Scott Harper

What Are You Reading?

As an author – a bestselling, award-winning one at that – I’m a very avid reader. Many times in the past I’ve met other authors who tell me they don’t read. My reaction is typically some variation of “WHAT?!?” at those times. I’ve never understood that. How can you write books, yet not read books? It makes no sense to me at all. None. Zero.

I read. I read a lot. It’s a hobby that’s turned into work. How, you might be wondering, can I consider sitting and reading novels that I used to read for pleasure and/or distraction from daily life as being work? Simple. I’m an author. I write. When I read, I’m not just reading; I’m studying. I study the works of other authors to try and become better at my chosen craft. I look at things such as how other authors plot out their stories, characterization, and other details. With that in mind, I truly can’t understand how someone can be an author, and yet not read.

Currently, I’m reading “Sasquatch: The Apes Among Us” by John Green. Desirée Lee and I picked up a copy of that during our recent trip down to Willow Creek. That book is being read for several reason – pleasure, intense personal interest in the topic due to my own past experiences with at least one sasquatch, and as research for a novel involving sasquatch that Desirée and I currently have in the works.

I’m also reading a trilogy by one of my favorite authors – Mr. Terry Brooks. I’m reading “The Dark Legacy of Shannara” trilogy. Yes, I know, I’ve fallen a bit behind. I only recently got my hands on those three books. I’m through Book 1, and am nearly halfway through Book 2. I’m reading this trilogy for a mix of pleasure – I’ve been a huge fan of Mr. Terry Brooks’s work since I first discovered it when I was in middle school – and for the studying talked about above.

So, those of you reading this post, I ask you, author or not – what are you reading? I’m always curious to know what else my fans and readers read.

Scott Harper

Bookworm Bags

Desirée Lee and I are members of an author promo exchange group called Bookworm Bags. I’ve talked about this a bit before on this blog. But, it’s been quite a while, and I wanted to mention it again.

Basically, as stated above, Bookworm Bags is a group of authors who have joined together to promote each others’ work. Each author sends promo – business cards, bookmarks, magnets, ink pens, whatever – to all of the other authors in the group. Each author assembles these promo items into “goodie bags” with a printed Bookworm Bag label on them. These bags are passed out wherever the authors are able – signings, local bookstores, mailed out with contest prizes, etc. Everyone who receives a Bookwork Bag is receiving promo not only from the author who gave it to them, but for every single other author in the group. It’s authors helping authors to expand their readerships, and fan bases.

If you’re an author, please join us. We’d love to have you as part of the group! True, a large percentage of the group consists of romance authors. But you needn’t be a romance author to join. I’m not a romance author, and I’m a member. A few other members of the group are not – or haven’t been, as is the case for a few who have left the group – romance authors, either. Please, authors, check the group out. If you think Bookworm Bags would be a help to you, please join in. The more authors that join, the better off everyone in the group is due to the expanded range of promotion distribution by its members.

Scott Harper

Happy Birthday, Desirée Lee!

Today is my wonderful wife’s birthday! Please take a moment to wish Desirée Lee a very happy one. You can find her via her website, and on Facebook, and on Twitter. Please use whichever method you prefer. But I know she’d fully enjoy finding a lot of well wishes, and happy birthday messages in her inbox, or message feed, via any of those.

Desirée is a terrific person, and a spectacular woman. She’s warm, loving, caring, gentle. She’s highly intelligent. She’s a fantastic cook. She’s an incredibly talented author. Our toddler daughter couldn’t ask for a better mother, and she knows it, too. Desirée is my life. Words cannot express how much I love her. Without her, I’d be lost.

So, again, please take a moment or two to visit one of the sites listed above. Let Desirée know that she’s a truly special person, and wish her a very, very happy birthday.

Thank you.

Scott Harper


Recently, I saw the following video for the first time. How many of you have seen it? What do you think of it? Does anyone have any suggestions for what was captured on this cell phone video?

Something is there. Whatever it is, it seems to cast a shadow on the tiled floor as it runs. Could this be CGI?

Being an award-winning, bestselling author of paranormal, fantasy, and horror, combined with my own lifelong experiences with the paranormal, things like this fascinate me. I want this video to be real. Yet I know that the odds of it having been faked are very high. If anyone has further information on this piece of footage, please get in touch with me via the “Contact” page of my website.

Elves, and other such beings, are sighted worldwide. That has been the case for all of recorded human history as far as I’m aware. Did the person who recorded the above video capture an elf in the film?

Scott Harper

“Tasteful Murders”

“Tasteful Murders” is now available! This is the writing event Desirée Lee participated in recently and took 1st Place among the participants. Find her short story “The Catered Affair”, plus 42 other diabolical bites in one anthology. Only $0.99, available at the Kindle store.

I’m very, very proud of Desirée for this achievement. Please grab yourself a copy of “Tasteful Murders”, and enjoy Desirée’s work and talent. Afterward, I know she’d love to hear from all of you, telling her know how much you liked reading her award-winning short story, “The Catered Affair”. You can reach her easily via her website, Facebook fan page, or her Twitter page.

For those of you not familiar with Desirée’s work, she’s the award-winning, bestselling author of multiple books, short stories, and non-fiction articles. The bulk of her work falls into the paranormal and fantasy genres. “The Catered Affair” is an exception to that. Still, I have no doubt that fans of her paranormal and fantasy work will adore “The Catered Affair”, too. It’s nothing less than pure genius.


Scott Harper

Blessed Mabon


Not all of my fans, readers, and followers are pagan. Not all of my pagan readers are Wiccan. Still, I am. Desirée Lee is eclectic pagan, rather than Wiccan specifically. She also recognizes Mabon as a special day.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with this important pagan holiday, please allow me to take a moment to explain it. Mabon is the Autumnal Equinox. Today, the daylight hours, and the nighttime hours, are equal. After today, for the next several months, the days will grow shorter, and the nights will grow longer. In our belief system, today is commonly know as Mabon. We view it as a Thanksgiving holiday. This is the day for harvest celebrations.

While not everyone celebrates today as a special day, many of us do. I wish everyone – my fans and readers, and people who have never heard of me or my work, regardless of their belief system – a good day today. No matter what you’re doing, or what you plan to do today, I wish you a safe, happy, fulfilling day.

Scott Harper

All About Occult

Recently, I applied for a spot as a contributing writer for the paranormal website All About Occult. The following morning, in my e-mail, I found their reply. I’m in!

As part of the application process they requested a sample article on a paranormal topic. I sent them a copy of the article I wrote somewhere between two and three years ago on the Beast of Bray Road for the Federal Vampire and Zombie Agency website. The people from All About Occult loved it.

So, now I’m an award-winning, critically-acclaimed, bestselling paranormal author who will be contributing articles to a paranormal news website. While it isn’t a paid position, unfortunately, I expect that the promotion opportunities stemming from this will make it well worth my time.

Now I find myself in need of a steady stream of paranormal topics about which to write. If you have a topic that you’d like for me to cover, please contact me with the suggestion via the “Contact” page of my website. I’ll give consideration to any suggestions. It may be that I already have something already in mind along the lines of a given suggestion. Or it may be that a given suggestion hadn’t even occurred to me as a topic yet.

I look forward to hearing from you all!

Scott Harper

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