Over this past weekend, Desiree Lee and I – and our daughter – went down to Willow Creek, California for their annual Bigfoot Days Festival. We had a lot of fun, although the festival wasn’t at all what we had expected. We were anticipating something more along the lines of a street fair. We knew there would be a parade. The festival kicked off with a parade. After that, it was a bunch of vendors set up in the local park – very few on whom had any sasquatch-themed merchandise.

For me, the highlight of Willow Creek was most definitely the Willow Creek-China Flats Museum. Their “Bigfoot Collection” was something I’ve waited most of my life to see. Being there was a sort of pilgrimage for me. The history in that room was overwhelming. They cover modern sasquatch research from the footprints that spurred the media to coin the term “Bigfoot” – a term I very seriously don’t like – up to present day. They even have one of Roger Patterson’s original casts from the site of the Patterson-Gimlin film footage. If you watch the footage linked to this post, please keep in mind that the original film has been copied over and over, and dubbed on VHS over and over, and, now, digitized over and over. The original footage shot by Roger Patterson was far clearer. Seeing copies made of other footprint evidence that has made a mark in this area of research over the years was great. But seeing one of the original Patterson film site casts firsthand left me in awe. For those who aren’t aware of my own personal history with sasquatch, you can read that here if you like. Those events turned sasquatch into a life-long area of interest for me.

Also, while in the museum, we bought a copy of a book I never thought I’d even see – much less own. We snagged a copy of the legendary book “Sasquatch: The Apes Among Us” by John Green. The book was out of print was a long time. Used copies of it that I’d found listings for were outrageously expensive. Imagine my surprise to find a re-release edition in the museum, and to spot it soon as I walked through the door!

While in Willow Creek, we stayed at the Coho Cottages. We were in the Tao House, if anyone reading this would care to stay in the same place as two bestselling authors. The Coho Cottages was a great place. It, like the rest of Willow Creek, is surrounded by forested mountains. It’s a very peaceful setting. If we ever find ourselves in that area again, we plan on staying at Coho Cottages again. Thank you, Londa and Marc Rowley, for the pleasant stay at your cottages!

Scott Harper

  1. September 27th, 2014

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