Netflix Originals?

As Desiree Lee and I are foraying more and more into screenwriting, we’re wanting to get film projects made. Funding is always an on-going problem. In the past, I’ve tried crowd-funding sites. Each time I’ve tried has been a complete, and total failure – not one cent donated. I’ve no idea how some people manage to entice others to donate to their projects through such sites. They must have a far better network of contacts than we do! Social network sites, and peoples’ friends on those sites, seem to be the key to successful crowd-funding campaigns.

Netflix began doing Netflix Original Series not too long ago. I’ve wondered what it takes to get them to finance a project – television series, or otherwise. I’ve looked on-line more than once. As yet, I’ve not found an answer. Does anyone reading this blog post know? If so, please contact me via the “Contact” page of my website, and let me know. There must be a way of contacting Netflix for project pitches.

Scott Harper

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