Amazon Author Page

I’ve posted this on my site and WordPress blog before. But, it’s been a while.

Frequently, I’m asked if one or another of my books is available via The answer? Yes, it is. Here’s the link for my Amazon Author Page. Any of my currently available books are there. It’s one-stop shopping for anyone wishing to stock up on my books.

As stated above, all of my currently available books are listed there. “Predators or Prey?”, “Necromancer”, “Vindicated” (those three being the previously published Wendy Markland novels), and “Shadow Castes: Book 1 – Aspects” aren’t supposed to be there. If you see a listing for any of those titles, someone, somewhere, has made a mistake. My hope is to get those four books re-edited, and released via a different publishing house. If and when that happens, they will, without a doubt, be available on Amazon again. That will also open the door for me to continue the Wendy Markland series, and release the other two-thirds of the “Shadow Castes” trilogy.

So, please visit my Amazon Author Page using the link given above. Have fun shopping, and have fun reading. Enjoy!

Scott Harper

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