Umbral Press Needs You!

Attention other authors and editors out there! Umbral Press needs you! Umbral Press is the publishing company co-owned by Desiree Lee and myself.

Prior to now, we have only been publishing on an invitation-only basis. Not any more! Umbral Press is now open to outside submissions! Please use the link above, and visit the “Submissions” section of the page for our submission guidelines. We enforce these. So, please, if you submit anything to us, follow those rules. If not, you’re only wasting your time, and ours. And, if you’re anywhere near as busy as we are, you don’t have any time to waste.

Editors, please also use the above link for Umbral Press, and see the “Contact” page of the site. True, we haven’t put much information up for editors yet. But if you’re interested, please use the e-mail address provided on that page to send us a message.

Again, we’re looking for authors – previously unpublished, newly published, or those with tons of published material to their names. It doesn’t matter, as long as you write the genres that Umbral Press publishes.

Editors, we need you, too, so please get in touch!

Scott Harper

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