More Tom Smith

Not too long ago I posted an entry on this blog regarding the very talented musician Tom Smith. In that post, I talked a bit about how I’d messaged him in the hopes of hearing back from him regarding a project I wanted to speak with him about. Well, guess what? It worked. Mr. Smith was kind enough to reply to me. We’ve exchanged a couple of messages regarding the project I have in mind. Nothing is set in the proverbial stone. But this is a start. Thank you, Mr. Smith, for taking the time to get in touch, and for your interest in what I have in mind.

For those of you not familiar with Tom Smith’s work, I highly recommend that you remedy that as soon as you can.Mr. Smith is a musical genius. His talents run across a very wide array of musical styles and genres. Want to know just how unique Tom Smith’s work is? The man once wrote a polka song about the Illuminati! I can’t think of anyone else who’s done that. So, please do yourselves a favor, and check out Mr. Smith’s work. He can be found at these URLs:

Again, please check out his work. You won’t be disappointed!

Scott Harper

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