Big Celebrities

Consider this post free advice for other writers.

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m not afraid to send an e-mail off to any big-named celebrity. Or Tweet to them on Twitter. I do both regularly. Why? A good example – despite the fact that it didn’t pan out that time – is from a few years ago. I e-mailed a very big name who runs his own film production studio. The message was in regards to a screenplay I have. I mentioned it to a friend who is in the film business, albeit the very, very low-budget part of things. He simply laughed at me – long and loud – and asked why I had bothered. He asked what the odds were of that big name having ever heard of me before. I replied, “That’s just it. If he hadn’t heard of me before, he has now.” My friend stopped laughing. He thought about it for a moment. He then brightened, and said, “I’ve never thought of it that way before!”

Take the chance. E-mail. Tweet. Whatever. If a huge celebrity with tons of Followers on Twitter replies back to you, they just got your name in front of a lot of their fans. Who knows where that might lead, even if the big celebrity has no more contact with you? An e-mail to a big name might result in a project getting off the ground. Or it could at least be the first step toward a camaraderie with that person that leads to something big down the road.

Again, take the chance. You never know what might happen. Don’t be afraid to approach someone just because they’re a big star. If you do, you never know where it might lead your career. A huge part of the entertainment business is who knows who. Connections play a massive role in this business – literature, and film. If you see the opportunity to make a contact, go for it. If not, make an opportunity.

Scott Harper

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