New Movie

Things are progressing with the new movie script I’m working on. The first 30-some pages are done. Thus far, things have been moving smoothly for the project. I know; I probably just jinxed it by saying that!

At this time, I’m still unsure of just how much to say publicly regarding the project. I want to blab everything here, so that my fans and readers know all about the project. But, in this business, that’s not a good idea. Especially not this early on in the process of creation. So, I’ll just say that the project is feature-length, and planned to be live-action. It’s something that my fans would expect me to be working on. The film should be something all of you find highly entertaining, while at the same time thought-provoking, and full of action. The characters are great; you’ll want to root for the good guys, and scream “Boo!” at the bad ones.

Please keep watching my WordPress blog, and my website, for updates. I’ll say what I can about this film project when I can. I realize this post doesn’t really say much overall. But I wanted to let you all know that I am still working on this movie, and that things are progressing on it.

Scott Harper

  1. October 3rd, 2014

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