Don’t Feed Trolls


As an award-winning, bestselling author, I’m a public figure. Yeah; that still seems surreal to me at times, too. Still, it’s true. I receive fan mail from readers worldwide. Sometimes, however, I also receive messages, or blog comments, or social networking comments, that aren’t from fans. So they claim publicly, anyway. A lot of these comments are brought on by the fact that a large portion of my work falls into the paranormal and fantasy genres. Some of the things worked into various projects have been based on personal experience. Some people have trouble dealing with the supernatural – even when looking at it through the lens of fiction. When they find out that I accept and fully believe in some of the topics I write about as fiction, people sometimes see it as their personal mission to comment.

Inevitably, those comments are negative. Ultimately, they are simply ignored. Still, I don’t like receiving them. I doubt anyone does. If you feel such an overwhelming need to respond to something that I’ve written with such a message, please at least send a civil, well-written message. It never fails that the messages I’ve referring to here are angry attempts at sounding vastly superior, while being full of errors – punctuation, grammar, capitalization, spelling, etc. That only serves to make them amusing. By sending such messages, you’re wasting you own time, and mine,

I don’t want to feed the trolls – the immature internet variety, or real ones. So, this post is likely the only time I’ll publicly address this. I truly do love hearing from my readers. However, if your only reason for writing is to call into question my sanity for claims to have grown up in a haunted house, or having spotted a sasquatch, or for my believe in the supernatural as a whole, please don’t bother.

Scott Harper

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