New Premise

A weird dream I had last night has inspired what I think will be developed into a series of novellas. Desirée Lee agrees that it’s a unique concept. I’ve no idea when I’ll begin work on the first installment, given everything else we have underway at the moment, though. This is that much more stacked up on the proverbial back burner.

Right now, Desirée and I are getting ready for the 1st Annual Klamath Library ComicCon. We’ll be appearing there on October 25th. At the same time, we’re getting Issue #2 of “Confluence” ready for publication. I’m also co-writing the new movie that I’m not saying much about as yet.

After those, we need to concentrate on the sasquatch novel we have underway. It looks as if we have a good promotional opportunity lined up for that next summer—if the book has been published by then.

Once the sasquatch novel is finished and out, we have the purposed/planned film project that we’ll be teaming up with the extremely talented Tom Smith on.

All of that, plus other projects Desirée and I are working on together, and separately, including keeping up with “MoonWraith“. And that’s just writing work. Remember, we have a young daughter, so family time is of great importance to us, too.

So, we’re booked pretty solid for the next year or so. Still, I want to get this new premise slotted in when I can. Maybe it’s just that it’s a new idea, but I’m very excited about it. Please keep watching for updates—not only for this new project idea, but everything else Desirée and I have going on.

Scott Harper

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