Issue #2—”MoonWraith”

To continue what I posted yesterday regarding “MoonWraith“, after Kizzy is set to the fort by the king to use her gift of Sight to help locate the talisman, complications arise.


On her way to the fort Kizzy and the soldiers traveling with her were attacked by members of the local werewolf pack—the Alabaster pack—and kizzy was injured. A thrown rock struck her in the head. Due to this injury, Kizzy has lost the Sight—at least for the moment—and is attempting to keep that loss secret. So, now, she’s stuck in the middle of a war with the werewolves, missing the one thing that landed her there to begin with.

Meanwhile, on the werewolf side of things, nothing is going smoothly, either. Tensions mount. Tempers flare. Plots are made.

Check “MoonWraith” out, and let us know what you think of it! “MoonWraith” updates each and every Monday!

Scott Harper

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