Issue #3—”MoonWraith”

Continuing what I’ve talked about the past two days regarding the webcomic Desirée Lee and I run…


MoonWraith” is a story without clear-cut good guys or bad guys. The first werewolves didn’t ask for what happened to them. The curse was forced upon on them. They, and those that have been turned over the centuries, simply do what they do. They do what they need to in order to survive. Unfortunately for them, that puts them at odds with the humans.

The humans, fearing the werewolves, want to wipe them out. Hence Kizzy Faw being sent to the fort and the mine with her gift of Sight by the king. The werewolves don’t want the MoonWraith to be found. After all, the MoonWraith created their race. What if it can destroy the werewolves, too? Othon Yon, and his mate Genevieve, will go to great lengths to keep that from happening to their pack.

Check “MoonWraith” out, and let us know what you think of it! “MoonWraith” updates every Monday. Take a look at today’s new page!

Scott Harper

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