Issue #4—”MoonWraith”

To continue what I’ve talked about the past three days regarding “MoonWraith“, the webcomic Desirée Lee and I run…


Nothing goes smoothly on either side of the war. On the human side, Kizzy Faw, after being sent to the mine and fort by the king due to her Sight, has lost her gift. Caspar Ross, the man in charge of the soldiers at the fort, hates and mistrusts Kizzy. Caspar can’t move past the facts that Kizzy’s Sight, red hair, and left-handedness all mark her as a witch.

Over on the werewolf side, Turpin Drue hates Othon, who turned Turpin long ago. Turpin never stops plotting, and trying to undermine Othon. Turpin wants to set himself up as the new pack Alpha. Yes, that’s going to have serious, major repercussions down the road. Those repercussions will involve Turpin’s teenage daughter Willelma in a big way, too. It’ll take us a while to get to that point in the story, but foundations for that blow-out have been laid since the story first began.

Check “MoonWraith” out, and let us know what you think of it! “MoonWraith” updates every Monday.

Scott Harper

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