Issue #5—”MoonWraith”

Again continuing what I’ve talked about the past four days regarding “MoonWraith“, the webcomic Desirée Lee and I run…


“MoonWraith” will, we hope, run for a good, long time. This webcomic is based on a TV series idea I had several years. I wrote a pilot script. Issue #1 – Issue #6 of the webcomic are an adaptation of that script, by the way. I’m very eager to get into Issue #7, and be working on a new story. Issue #5 is playing out right now on the site. Issue #6 is almost ready to upload.


“MoonWraith” as a TV series project went through four agents. Each of them talked big. Yet, after signing with them, each in turn simply sat on the project, and did noting with it. So, Desirée and I began adapting what had been a television series concept as a webcomic.

Please check “MoonWraith” out, and let us know what you think of it! “MoonWraith” updates every Monday.

Scott Harper

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