Issue #6—”MoonWraith”

Please allow me to speak about “MoonWraith“, the webcomic Desirée Lee and I run, one more day. This will make a post a day for six days, each post showing off the cover of an issue. Tomorrow we’ll move on to a different topic.


“MoonWraith” has turned into a hit for us. With just over one hundred pages posted, we have well over 75,000 hits on the comic. When Desirée and I first began adapting “MoonWraith” as a webcomic from my original TV series concept and pilot script, we had a plan. That plan was to promote “MoonWraith” as much as we could, to drive as much traffic to it as we could, and hope that, someday, we could build up a large enough fan base for “MoonWraith” as a webcomic to use to attract the attention of a producer for “MoonWraith” as a television series. The response to “MoonWraith” as a webcomic has been far and away more than we had even hoped for by this point. It has, also, already caught the attention of a producer. So, who knows where that might lead. At this point, it looks as if the producer is more interested in “MoonWraith” as a film, rather than a TV series. But, who knows? Please keep watching for updates—for “MoonWraith”, and all of the other projects Desirée and I have underway.
Also, please check “MoonWraith” out, and let us know what you think of it! “MoonWraith” updates every Monday. Issue #5 is well underway on the site at the moment. Issue #6 is nearly done, and ready for uploading. Which is why the Issue #6 cover shown in this post isn’t resized, yet. Issue #6 is still in progress.

Scott Harper

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