One of the really cool parts about being a writer is getting to make up new words. The English language is always growing, and changing. Yesterday a small incident made me coin a new word—Wobbleslop.

Wobbleslop is a verb. It means to sit down your full drink on an uneven surface, thus making the glass wobble, and some of the contents to slop out.


I didn’t see that large crumb when I placed my glass of milk on the table, and the crumb made my glass wobbleslop.

There’s water on the counter. Did you wobbleslop?

Wow, look at the mess you made when you wobbleslopped!

The baby put her cup down wrong, causing it to wobbleslop.

See? Wobbleslop can be a fully functioning part of the English language. From time to time things like this crop up. I sometimes joke that I’m going to officially coin the term. Then I don’t put it out there, and I forget the word later. But I like the word “wobbleslop”, and want it out there. Just like “Urban Hermit”, when I tossed that one out several years ago.

For those unfamiliar with that term—which I use to describe myself a lot—an urban hermit is someone who lives in a city, yet prefers to remain at home, rather than be out and about, and around other people. I guess now you can all say I’m a wobbleslopping urban hermit!

Scott Harper

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