No Photos


Often, Desirée Lee and I are asked why we don’t show off photographs of our 15-month-old daughter on-line. Many people plaster their social networking pages with photos of their children. We don’t. The reason is very simple—we’re protecting her.

Desirée and I are both bestselling, award-winning authors. Our names, and images are out there, worldwide. It seems strange for us to think of ourselves as such, but we are celebrities. On any given day, either of us could pick up a stalker, obsessed fan, or just some nut who wants to get their name in the news by harassing someone who’s already known. By not putting our daughter’s photo, or even her name, on-line we’re doing what can to protect her from that. We love our child. We’re proud of her. She’s growing, and developing, and learning. She’s very intelligent. But she’s 15-months-old. She isn’t able to watch out for herself. Keeping her image and name off the internet is a way for us to be responsible parents, and keep her safe.

So, please think about these things before you ask us our daughter’s name, or ask to see a photo of her. You aren’t likely to get the first, and you certainly won’t be getting the latter. Our fans, much as we love and appreciate you all, needn’t concern themselves with our child.

Scott Harper

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