Day 5


As I’ve mentioned before in a post not too very long ago, I’m prone to headaches. I get them almost daily. Usually, though, they go away when medication is taken, and/or I get some sleep. Today, though, is the fifth day of a single headache. It eases up, nearly to the point of being gone, then comes back strong again.

I think a lot of this headache is tension. I can feel tightness across my shoulders, and up my neck, to the back of my skull. From there it spreads out over most of my head. Nothing has worked to fully get rid of it. Not normal pain medication. Not extra doses of pain medication. Not sleep, Not massage. Not dark. Not quiet. Nothing has worked on this one.

As stated in the aforementioned recent post, more and more I wonder what marijuana would do for my headaches. It’s legal in some places for pain management. Can anyone offer any input on the subject for me? Is anyone reading this post using marijuana for medical reasons? Does it work for you? How do you go about getting a doctor to prescribe it for you? Any input or suggestions would be helpful and greatly appreciated.

Scott Harper

  1. April 29th, 2015

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