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Voltaire Is Right

Over this past weekend, Desirée Lee, our daughter, and myself made a trip over to Reno, Nevada for a family function. We left on Friday afternoon, spent the night is Sparks, Nevada—a suburb of Reno—attended the function Saturday, spent Saturday night in Sparks, and then made the trip home on Sunday. We were in the Victorian Inn while staying in Sparks, by the way. We were in Room 110 in case you’d like to stay in the same room in which two bestselling, award-winning authors stayed.


The trip over went smoothly, because our daughter slept most of the way. Coming home Sunday? That turned out to be a whole different matter. Sadly, our daughter has inherited my motion sickness. My own motion sickness is one of the reasons I’m an urban hermit.

Due to her motion sickness, we had to make several extra stops on the way home. One of those stops was at the one and only place to eat in a very small town. I don’t want to give the name of the town, or the establishment here, and risk upsetting any particular individuals. I’m trying to be better than that. The sign at the edge of town gave the population of this little burg as 750-something, if I remember correctly.

So, we stopped. Desirée and I were, as usual, wearing our pentacle amulets. Both of us are pagan, for those of you who didn’t already know. I’m Wiccan. She’s eclectic pagan. The place was busy. It seemed as if everyone in town was there at the same time. We went inside, and ordered. Everyone kept staring at us. Looks ranged from disgust to horror. Eyes would focus on the pentacles we were wearing, and then either narrow in anger, or widen in fear, before looking away. We ordered. We got our food—just a light snack to give our daughter’s stomach a bit of time to settle. We ate. We left. Granted, we weren’t there for long. But during the time we were there, the general feeling was one of open hostility toward us.

When we were back in the car, and leaving, I asked Desirée, “Was it just me, or did you have Voltaire’s song Hate Lives in a Small Town running through your mind, too?” She just laughed, and replied, “This is the kind of place that song was written about.” I, for one, was glad to be gone from that little town.

Why am I devoting a post on a blog about writing to talk about this? Partially, it is, I’ll admit, just to vent a little. But it’s also partly to repeat something I’ve said over and over and over and over again throughout the years—never upset an author! We spread word about all kinds of things. We communicate. That’s the very heart and soul of what we do as writers! Cross an author, and you’re liable to find a caricature of yourself in a book or movie. Granted, unless the stuck-up bigots in that town we stopped in know enough about paranormal, fantasy, and horror literature to recognize authors of such works on sight—which I highly doubt—then they didn’t know we were authors. But still…

Okay, I guess the point of this post really is more venting than anything. I just want people to open their minds. Just because someone doesn’t share your belief system doesn’t make them a bad person.

After that stop, I truly do need to agree with Voltaire, though—hate really does live in a small town!

Scott Harper

1st Article


A while back I posted here saying that I was going to be doing some writing for the website All About Occult. Well, my first article for them is on-line. Apparently it went up on the 4th of this month. I just now found that out. You can read that article here.

It might sound like an odd choice of topic for me, but I wanted to do something attention-grabbing for my first article for All About Occult. Hopefully that’s what it’s done. And, hopefully, it will help build awareness for this type of ghost sighting. If people witness this sort of event, hopefully they’ll know they’re not the first or only, and be more willing to report it.

Now that I know this first piece is up and on-line, I’ll begin working on my next article for All About Occult. I have a topic in mind, I just need to write the article for them. When it’s on-line, I’ll post a link here to it.

To continue these articles, I need topics. If there is a paranormal topic you’d like for me to cover for All About Occult, please write to me via the “Contact” page of my website, and let me know. If it’s something that hasn’t been done on the site already, or even if it’s a new angle, or information on a topic that’s already been covered, then we’re golden, and I can write the article.

Scott Harper



Desirée Lee and I like to game. She has a lot more experience with MMORPGs than I do. She logged many, many, many hours on “Word of Warcraft”, “EverQuest”, and several other such games during her time in college, and for a few years thereafter. Since she introduced me to “EverQuest” a while back, I’ve gotten into it far more than I really thought I would. We don’t log in to play “EverQuest” as much as we’d like. We’re busy. Both of us are award-winning, bestselling authors. We have a number of projects in the works—coauthored, and written individually. We’re also the parents of a toddler who is 15-months-old. Taking care of her is a full-time job in and of itself! Those of you who have done it, or are doing it, know just what I’m talking about. Still, we play “EverQuest” now and then, and want to make an effort to do so more. It’s relaxing to put our daughter to bed, and then do a dungeon raid, and slaughter goblins. Yes, we’re strange; we know that.

We play “EverQuest” on the Trakanon server. Desirée plays a (currently) Level 55 Dwarf Cleric named Danora. I play a (currently) Level 56 Dwarf Rogue named Roltnar. At the moment, it’s just us, adventuring together with our familiars and mercenaries. We wouldn’t mind linking up with a few other players. With a larger group, we would be able to hit creatures that are way too big for just the two of us alone.

So, if you like “EverQuest”, and would like to game with a pair of bestselling, award-winning paranormal authors, please look us up. Again, we’re on the Trakanon server. We’re erratic as to when we log on. Anymore, there’s no given day or time where you’re most likely to find us in-world. The only guidelines I can offer is to say to look for us in the evenings during the week, and anytime day or night on weekends—especially Saturdays. If you’ve looked for us, but haven’t found us, please message me via the “Contact” page of my website. We can probably work out a time to meet up in-world, and quest together.

Scott Harper

No Photos


Often, Desirée Lee and I are asked why we don’t show off photographs of our 15-month-old daughter on-line. Many people plaster their social networking pages with photos of their children. We don’t. The reason is very simple—we’re protecting her.

Desirée and I are both bestselling, award-winning authors. Our names, and images are out there, worldwide. It seems strange for us to think of ourselves as such, but we are celebrities. On any given day, either of us could pick up a stalker, obsessed fan, or just some nut who wants to get their name in the news by harassing someone who’s already known. By not putting our daughter’s photo, or even her name, on-line we’re doing what can to protect her from that. We love our child. We’re proud of her. She’s growing, and developing, and learning. She’s very intelligent. But she’s 15-months-old. She isn’t able to watch out for herself. Keeping her image and name off the internet is a way for us to be responsible parents, and keep her safe.

So, please think about these things before you ask us our daughter’s name, or ask to see a photo of her. You aren’t likely to get the first, and you certainly won’t be getting the latter. Our fans, much as we love and appreciate you all, needn’t concern themselves with our child.

Scott Harper


One of the really cool parts about being a writer is getting to make up new words. The English language is always growing, and changing. Yesterday a small incident made me coin a new word—Wobbleslop.

Wobbleslop is a verb. It means to sit down your full drink on an uneven surface, thus making the glass wobble, and some of the contents to slop out.


I didn’t see that large crumb when I placed my glass of milk on the table, and the crumb made my glass wobbleslop.

There’s water on the counter. Did you wobbleslop?

Wow, look at the mess you made when you wobbleslopped!

The baby put her cup down wrong, causing it to wobbleslop.

See? Wobbleslop can be a fully functioning part of the English language. From time to time things like this crop up. I sometimes joke that I’m going to officially coin the term. Then I don’t put it out there, and I forget the word later. But I like the word “wobbleslop”, and want it out there. Just like “Urban Hermit”, when I tossed that one out several years ago.

For those unfamiliar with that term—which I use to describe myself a lot—an urban hermit is someone who lives in a city, yet prefers to remain at home, rather than be out and about, and around other people. I guess now you can all say I’m a wobbleslopping urban hermit!

Scott Harper


Just a reminder—Desirée Lee and I will be appearing at the 1st Annual Klamath Library ComiCon on October 25th as part of that event. We’ll be there with copies of Issue #1 of our new comic book series “Confluence”, as well as some of our paperback novels to sell and autograph. We’ll also be giving a talk on plotting, and story structure of a variety of different writing formats—short stories, novels, comic books, and film.

So, if you live in the Klamath Falls, Oregon area—or will be visiting anywhere nearby on October 25th—please drop by. We love meeting our fans and readers, and we love having new fans and readers.

The event is free. There will be costume contests, other celebrity appearances, talks, photo contests, art contests, and much more. Please come out, see what’s going on, and show your support for the arts. We’re looking forward to it, and hope you are, too!

comiccon flyers

Scott Harper

Book Nymph

Desirée Lee and I live in a small town in the extreme northern part of California. Most of our shopping, and other outings, are done in Klamath Falls, Oregon. Not long ago, a new bookstore opened in Klamath Falls. The store is called the Book Nymph. We have wanted to drop in since the store first opened. But, we’re usually there in the evenings—after the store has closed up shop for the day—and/or have our 15-month-old daughter with us. So, it took us a while to make it into the store.

Last weekend we finally managed it. We were there on Saturday, and our daughter was with her grandmother. So, we took the opportunity to pay a visit to the store. We’re very glad we did. The proprietor is a very nice person. The store is wonderful, and cozy. We fully intend to visit as often as we can.

Also, the Book Nymph will be stocking some of our books just as soon as we can get copies in there. We also have the possibility of a book signing taking place there at some point in the future. Please keep watching this blog/website. If and when such an event takes place, I’ll be posting about it here.

Please pay a visit to the Book Nymph if you’re in the area. You won’t be sorry!

Scott Harper

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