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Topics, Please!


As you all know by now, not too long ago I started contributing to the paranormal news website All About Occult. I’m to turn in a new article “every couple of weeks”. Articles need to be either on topics that have never been covered on the site before, or at least expanding on what’s been written for the site on a topic prior. In other words, if a topic has been covered, my article needs to be written on that subject from a new angle, or, better still, contain brand new information on that subject.

My first article for the site was on the topic of ghosts having sex with other ghosts. My second dealt with psychic vampire. My third was on the subject of gargoyle sightings. I need new topics. I need a steady stream of new topics, actually. So, if you have ideas for topics, please let me know. I’ll check the site. If it hasn’t been covered before, I can write about it. If it has been covered, I’ll need newer information, or a different angle. When you contact me with topic suggestions, please include any information, and/or angles you’d like to see me include in the article. I can’t promise I’ll cover each and every suggested topic, but at least the option to do so will be there.

Scott Harper

“Warder”—Artist Needed


Desirée Lee and I are both bestselling, award-winning writers. Between the two of us, we have authored nearly twenty books, over thirty short stories, and a number of non-fiction articles. I’m actually a contributing writer for the paranormal news website All About Occult. Desirée and I have also branched out into writing screenplays, and comic book projects. A few years ago I was hired to write a 3-issue-long miniseries called “Ultimate Boy” by the project creator. Far as I know, he’s never published the project, but that doesn’t change the fact that I was hired, and paid, to script all three issues.

More recently, Desirée and I launched “MoonWraith” as a webcomic. It’s a hit, with over 84,000 hits thus far. “MoonWraith” was originally intended as a television series. It has been Optioned as a film, but that ultimately fell through. Currently, we have another potential Executive Producer looking at “MoonWraith” as a film, a film series, or a TV series. We also have a list of people interested in being cast or crew on such a project. A couple of those people are names we’re sure you’ll all recognize if you heard them! Hopefully there’ll be more to report on that front in the near future!

Even more recently, Desirée and I started up an ongoing, bi-monthly science fiction comic book series called “Confluence“. Issue #1 is out. Issue #2 will be for sale as soon as it’s finished going through IndyPlanet’s listing procedures.

Now, Desirée and I are looking for an artist, or an art team, for a high fantasy comic book series called “Warder”. Please see the above graphic for information on that project. “MoonWraith” and “Confluence” are done solely by Desirée and myself using CG artwork. However, we simply don’t have the time to produce CG artwork for another series. Though she and I will still be writing and lettering “Warder”. And the series will be published by Umbral Press, as is “Confluence”.

We’re looking forward to hearing from interested artists or art teams regarding this project!

Scott Harper



Since posting the image of my with my “Ghostbusters” T-shirt on a while back, and being seen in public wearing it, and some other of my attention-grabbing T-shirts, I keep being asked where these shirts come from. The “Ghostbusters” T-shirt, and most of the other ones people routinely ask about are from one website. That site is called TeeFury.

I have several shirts from that site. “Ghostbusters” is my all-time favorite film. So, I have the one I’ve posted on this blog before, and a newer one. The newer one is the “Ugly Little Spud” design. I also have a “Star Wars”/”Doctor Who” mash-up shirt, a “Spaceballs” shirt, a “Little Shop of Horrors” shirt, a Poe versus Lovecraft shirt, a “Weird Science” design shirt,

Desirée Lee has the same “Little Shop of Horrors” design, and the same Poe versus Lovecraft design. She also has another Edgar Allen Poe shirt design in which Poe is lying his head on his desk, an empty wine bottle, and a wine glass with just a bit of wine left in it next to him. Poe is lamenting “Nevermore…” on the shirt.

Scott Harper

Happy Thanksgiving!


Today is a major holiday. So, let’s take a break from the usual posts here for one day. Let today just be me wishing my fans and readers a Happy Thanksgiving. No matter where you are. No matter how you celebrate today, or even if you don’t celebrate today as anything special. I hope that everyone, whether you’re reading this post, or not, has a safe, wonderful, joyous, happy day today. Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

Desirée Lee and I are hosting the holiday meal at our house this year. Today, it’s us, our 16-month-old daughter, and Desirée’s side of the family here. We have a crowd! My own side of the family is split between Florida and Ohio, mostly. Sadly, none of them are able to be here with us today. Maybe next year!

Again, I want to say Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. May this be a fantastic day for you all!

Scott Harper

Amazon Affiliate Codes?


Are any of my fans or readers at all familiar with’s affiliate codes? Some time ago, I signed up to be an affiliate. It seemed like a good way to bring in a little bit of additional cash. We have a 16-month-old daughter; additional cash is always welcome! But, although I know for a fact Amazon orders have been placed using my Amazon affiliate code, I’ve not yet been credited a single penny by Amazon. Why? Does Amazon only allow the affiliate credit on certain, selected items? If so, they need to be a lot more up-front about that, and about which items the affiliate codes work on, and when.

So, can anyone tell me just what,when,where, and how the Amazon affiliate codes work? It would be very nice to be able to use those to pick up a little additional income to help support my wife and daughter. Amazon hasn’t been clear on what I’ve heard from them on this matter.

Scott Harper

“Dungeons and Dragons”


Who else remembers the classic Saturday morning cartoon “Dungeons and Dragons” from the mid-1980s? A while back, Desirée Lee and I bought the collected series on DVD. The series only ran for 27 episodes. So, sadly, it’s not that impressive of a collection numerically-speaking. It took us a while to get through even those few episodes. We’d watch one, two, or three of them. And then not watch any for weeks, or months. A couple of evenings ago we watched the final four episodes of the series.

Watching the show now, as adults, neither of us found it as engrossing as we did as children. Still, it was fun to revisit. And having the series on DVD, we can do so again anytime we please.

Desirée has far more tabletop RPG experience than I do. I want more, though. A lot more. I thoroughly enjoy RPGs. And, watching “Dungeons and Dragons” now, from the viewpoint of a bestselling, award-winning author, and screenwriter, I can’t help but want to work on a “Dungeons and Dragons” project. It’d be a lot of fun to be able to work on a new “Dungeons and Dragons” series. Live-action would be great, but working on a “Dungeons and Dragons” animated series would be a blast, too. I’m unaware of any such project currently being put together, but still… If anyone is putting a new “Dungeons and Dragons” series together, and is looking for writers, please get in touch with me.

Scott Harper

“Predators or Prey?”—Screenplay Available


Logline: Wendy Markland and Jacob Iverson are con artists. They make their living pretending to be vampire hunters. On their latest “case” they run afoul of real vampires. They go on the run, struggling to survive, as their whole belief system is turned upside down.

“Predators or Prey?” is a feature-length screenplay. It’s based on my book, “Predators or Prey?”, which was my fourth novel. It was the first book in my Wendy Markland series. Currently, that book is unavailable, as are the other two current books in that series, those being “Necromancer” and “Vindicated”. The script is intended as a live-action project. However, I can see this being made as a CGI project, as well. Even producing this script as a live-action project would require a good number of effects to visualize the glowing eyes of the vampires, vampire deaths, and such. There are also a couple of building fires in the script, which are directly from the book, and important to the plot.

Anyone interested in reading the “Predators or Prey?” script, please get in touch with me via the “Contact” page of my website.

Scott Harper

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