Today is November 4th. It’s general election day. If you haven’t voted yet today, please take the time to do so.

Why am I devoting a post on my blog, which is typically about my bestselling, award-winning writing career, to talk about this? Simple. I think it’s important.

Too many people refuse to go out and vote, claiming lack of time, sheer inconvenience, or some other excuse. Then they sit back and moan, groan, whine, and complain about the people in office, and every choice they make. What can you do about it? Go vote! If you haven’t cast your vote, what right do you have to complain? True, you didn’t help to put that person into office. But you did nothing to try and keep them from office, either.

Unable to go out to the polls due to health issues? Unwilling to go out to the polls and deal with other people? Then use mail-in ballots. Whatever you do, please vote!

Some studies show that 40% of Americans don’t vote. If that’s true, that means that only 60% of us actually take the time to vote. Just over half of Americans vote? How can that be? How can almost half the nation be so lazy that they just kick back, and let others decide how their lives will be governed? That’s astonishing. Don’t be one of those people. Get up. Get out. Go vote!

Scott Harper

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