“Monster Lab”—Screenplay Available


Logline: College folklore professor Wade Sarkis is forced by the US military to help deal with werewolves that were created in a research experiment gone wrong.

“Monster Lab” is a feature-length screenplay. My intent is that it be filmed as live-action, but it ought to work well as a CGI film, also. The budget would likely be rather high on this one, if it was filmed live-action. In addition to the werewolves needing to be brought to live on-screen, several complex sets would need to be constructed for the hidden, underground government lab where the vast majority of the story is set.

A draft of the “Monster Lab” script is available for option or sale. If anyone is interested in reviewing it, please get in touch with me via the “Contact” page on my website. “Monster Lab” has undergone several rewrites through a number of drafts over the past several years since I first began work on this project.

Scott Harper


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