Faerie Rampage?


In recent weeks I’ve posted a couple of videos here on this blog/site that I’ve come across. Those two videos were of what their makers are claiming to be an elf, or some small, elf-like being, sighted near the family’s young son on both occasions. See those videos here and here if you haven’t, and are interested in doing so.

While some people might find it odd that a bestselling, award-winning author – me – would devote space to a blog with the focus on his career to such things, I’m doing so. I find these phenomena fascinating, personally. And most of my work falls into the paranormal, fantasy, and horror genres. Due to that, matters such as these are of interest to me for work reasons, too.

A new article has come to my attention. It focuses on a house in Ireland, and recent events surrounding it. According to the article, which can be read here, several people who have lived in that house in recent years have all died. Each passing was because of different circumstances. But each was murdered, or killed in an accident, while living in the same house. The residence in question is owned by a housing commission. Enough people want the building demolished after the string of deaths to sway some officials in that direction. So, the house might not be standing for much longer.

One of the main reasons behind the move to tear the house down seems to be a belief that faeries are responsible for this string of deaths. A folklorist has tried to determine if the house was built near sacred faerie land, or maybe even on a faerie path of some type. As yet, that’s been undermined. Still, enough people blame faeries for the string of death that they’re pushing hard enough for the demolition of the house, in spite of a shortage of such housing, that the building may well end up being torn down.

These are the types of events that inspire books, and movies! If anyone has any further information on this case, I’d be very interested in reading it. Again, I find occurrences such as this of interest for work and personal reasons both.

Scott Harper


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