Ideas, Please


As you all know, my wife—bestselling, award-winning paranormal author Desirée Lee—and myself write, draw, letter, and in all other ways produce the hit webcomic “MoonWraith“. We’re always seeking new ways to promote the project. Currently, a producer is considering a film or TV series adaptation of “MoonWraith”, as the previous Option with another producer ultimately fell through. As “MoonWraith” was originally intended as a television series, seeing that happen would be fantastic beyond words! Still, we’re always looking for ways to draw more attention to the webcomic.

Recently, we were talking, and wondering what we could do during each full moon as a “MoonWraith” promo event. As “MoonWraith” is set during a war between humans and werewolves, neither of us can figure out why we didn’t think of this before! So, I’m posting this here to put the inquiry to all of my fans and readers—what would be some great ideas for a “MoonWraith”-centric event to do each full moon. Ideas, anyone? If so, please let me know via the “Contact” form of my website.

Scott Harper

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